Wordle: Simple Word Game Becomes National Trend.

Wordle became a popular trend after its release in October 2021. This simple game, revolving words, is a brainchild of Josh Wardle and people loved this unique puzzle. For many, the game is better because it allows them to brainstorm and think logically while entertaining.

Josh, who made this game for his partner Palak shah, wanted to offer a new approach to word puzzles. He first released this game in the family WhatsApp chat group. After a positive response, he made it available in October 2021. At present, Wordle has 2.5 million players in both Android and iOS devices worldwide.

Well, Wordle is a pretty simple game if you love words. The game starts with a 5×6 empty grid box. Most words are interlinked inside the box. Moreover, the player needs to guess the correct five letters long words.

This game is a virtual crossword with interaction, fun, and thrill in shorts. If players put the right word in their rightful place, they will appear green. If one puts the right word in the wrong place, letters will be yellow. If the letters of the word are wrong, they will have grey color.

Players can take as much time as they need to solve the whole box. It usually takes a few minutes; others often spend more than ten or twenty minutes to make the right guess! Additionally, the words become tougher with each step you pass.

After completing each step, players can also post their progress on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Wordle became popular because it offered something different from conventional mobile games. Wardle told NPR that he wanted people to find a new way of life during the covid isolation. For him, the main motto was to ensure people remain connected with their close ones while pursuing something meaningful. After all, Wordle is more of an educated game that requires some serious effort.

Another cause of the popularity of Wordle is the absence of facts like push notifications, ads, etc., while players are playing it. Wardle deliberately avoided all these push notifications while designing the final version of the innovative game. He wanted to ensure that the players did not have any distractions at their hands and could completely concentrate on solving the word puzzles.

Josh is in cloud nine for this huge response. He now feels responsible for evolving the game and offering the players something new. What started as a casual quest to provide something challenging to his partner became a full-fledged responsibility. He wants to meet all the expectations of the Wordle users. At this moment, his main priority is to ensure the game remains bug-free.

The trend became so popular it has been acquired by The New York Times Company.

The purchase, announced by The Times on Monday, reflects the growing importance of games, like crosswords and Spelling Bee, in the company’s quest to increase digital subscriptions to 10 million by 2025.

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