I believe I was finishing up with my client and having a very light lunch. And, I momentarily decided to see who was messaging me so much on social media.

As a result of my search, I saw up and down my timeline, a viral confrontation. A scene, that even the late Walter Cronkite would have been too embarrassed to cover.

I saw a young man swimming to assist another man, who was later identified as a black security guard, fighting off a bunch of white patrons on a platform. I saw a waterfront, boats, and some hecklers up on a deck filming with cellphones, and edging things on.

Moreover, the Montgomery, Alabama waterfront had become a WWE Smackdown, with a full throttled brawl. In addition, more black men joined together in unison to help their fellow brother.

A brawl that is breaking the Internet, and is reminding us all, from Kansas City to Jacksonville, Florida, we as black people will always be that “word.”

No matter how we date them, love them, party with them, friends with them, work for them or even supervise them. All it takes is a backlash and a consequential reaction. We as African-Americans will never be respected by some of these people.

What I witness was a fight for respect, and a reaction of prejudice. They think we are not suppose to get pissed off, when you are harming us.

We are suppose to just stand there and act like 400 years of slavery. However, what they don’t get is, this is a new dawn of the CENTURIES!

Some black people are not afraid to fight back. As I close out, this is the main reason why I do not associate myself with them as much as some do.

Be safe!

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