Who was Anne Heche and how her life and death has impacted her family, including her ex Ellen DeGeneres?

The mother of two young sons, was apparently driving in her car and ran into a woman's home.

Recently, Actress Anne Heche had slipped into a coma, after suffering a catastrophic brain injury with burns, which eventually ended her life at 53. The mother of two young sons, was apparently driving in her car and ran into a woman’s home.

The woman’s neighbors set up a Go Fund Me, and have raised over $140,000, to help her recover from the accident. And if the woman has insurance, which would be claimed much later, she will be fine.

But, what was going on with the late Anne Heche? Was she under the influence as she drove down the residential street of Mar Vista, a Los Angeles’ neighborhood?

Salon owner Richard Glass, took to Instagram (image) and posted a photo of himself and Anne, earlier before her accident. With speculative slurs about her using narcotics, that might have caused her to crash her Mini Cooper.

Glass stated that she was in great spirit as she was at his store to purchase a red wig. He also said there was no indication that she was intoxicated or anything.

In 2000, Heche and Ellen DeGeneres ended their lesbian relationship. Yet, Ellen took to Twitter to offer her heartfelt condolences.

In a statement to ET, Anne Heche’s 20-year-old son, Homer, reflects on his mother’s death. Heche died on Friday at the age of 53; prior to her death, ET learned Homer was the one making health care decisions for his mother as she remained in a coma following a fiery car crash on Friday, Aug. 5. Meanwhile, many others are reacting to the heartbreaking news with touching tributes, including Anne’s exes, Ellen DeGeneres and James Tupper, with whom she shares a 13-year-old son, Atlas.

Courtesy of ET

Prayers to Heche’s soul, and condolences to her two young sons Homer and Atlas, and her family. This is a sad sad moment.

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