The US Urges Mexico to Clear the Border

Horrible gang activity and human rights violations have caused thousands of families, persons, and abandoned youngsters to migrate to the United States. Unfortunately, it is never an easy road for them. These asylum seekers confront numerous difficulties on their way to the United States border. Two of the largest camps in northern Mexico have cropped up in Tijuana, opposite San Diego, California, and Reynosa, out across McAllen, Texas.

Faced with internal criticism because of an increase in unlawful crossings at the US-Mexico border, US President Joe Biden’s government has pushed Mexico to reduce the influx of migrants to assist in relieving strain on the almost 2,000-mile (3,200 km) border. For weeks, the US government has been pleading with Mexico to evacuate the ad hoc camps, sheltering thousands of migrants in border communities, citing that the sheer number of individuals in them may imperil security if they made a surprise surge for the border. The officials also underlined the necessity of removing situations that prompted cartel members to attempt to blackmailing migrants or coerce them into entering their criminal organizations.

On Tuesday, 8/23/21, the United States Supreme Court instructed Biden to abide by a Texas-based federal judge’s verdict to resurrect the Trump administration’s immigration policy. This policy has compelled thousands of asylum applicants to remain in Mexico while awaiting hearings in the United States.

The influx of migrants apprehended or deported by US agents has almost tripled this year. As the upset Mexican authorities are now worried that the nation may struggle to deal with more persons, officials have increased their efforts to deport illegal migrants, many of whom are from Central America. In recent weeks, it has flown scores of them to southern Mexico to expedite the process.

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