The top 25 stories in celebration of The Narrative Matters one year anniversary

In celebration of our one year anniversary, we presents the top 25 stories. Sure we had hundreds of stories over the year, but these listed below sparks a lot of viewership.

It seemed only like yesterday when we’d launched the exciting blog platform The Narrative Matters. Featuring some very talented and focused writers, bloggers and journalists, making up a team of greatness.

Created by the ideology of Dynasty Consulting, The Narrative Matters tell true to life stories made by us but for everyone.

In celebration of our one year anniversary, we presents the top 25 stories. Whilst, we had hundreds of stories over the year, but these listed below sparks a lot of viewership.

And there were also controversial conversations as well? Secondly, these stories had a different sort of viewership, the views of hatred.

I do not think we could have gotten this far if we didn’t have the readers who hated what we have written due to our color of skin. Moreover, The Narrative Matters has over 15k social media followers.

And this month expected reach of the website to top 700k page views. As a result, a total of over 3 million views, since our start. So, these numbers show what we all always knew, the voice does matters.

At last, here are the 25 most compelling body of work thus far as we move ahead into 2022.

1. /made-in-usa-electric-vehicle-tax-credits-promoted-in-house-reconciliation-bill-2/
2. /the-top-5-black-broadway-plays-you-should-be-checking-out/
3. /trending_topics/former-empire-actor-jussie-smollett-found-guilty-of-falsely-reporting-a-hate-crime/
4. /what-is-the-metaverse-and-how-the-narrative-matters/
5. /3-black-films-were-looking-forward-to-in-2022/
6. /i-did-not-feel-safe-carnival-cruise-overwhelmed-with-covid-cases-passengers-say/
7. new-years-eve-is-a-time-for-leaving-the-old-in-the-past-and-partying-very-safely/
8. /panels-introduction-watch-the-2021-mmca-media-summit/
9. /juan-senor-keynote-statements-mmca-bipoc-community-media-development-summit/
10. /how-twin-cities-new-chase-community-manager-can-empower-your-financial-journey/
11. /the-shocking-murder-of-jacqueline-avant-suspect-arrested/
12. /philantropist-christopher-play-martin-teaches-us-how-to-rise-above-with-success/
13. /my-top-5-fav-sidney-poitier-films/
14. /from-the-corner-to-a-cornerstone-the-eazy-the-block-captain-story/
15. /travis-scott-speaks-out-in-first-interview-since-astroworld-catastrophe/
16. /trending_topics/drake-withdraws-his-grammy-nominations-for-2022-grammy-awards/
17. /a-new-year-a-new-fitness-goal-the-refresher-course/
18. /nasa-selects-10-new-astronaut-candidates-to-train-for-future-missions/
19. /zeta-phi-beta-sorority-inc-founders-day-empowerment-to-the-people/
20. /trending_topics/stacey-abrams-launches-campaign-for-georgia-governor/
21. /eating-as-an-act-of-worship-get-up/
22  /lets-talk-cannabis-in-missouri-with-the-st-louis-naacps-latest-report/
23. /covid-the-road-of-a-long-hauler-part-8//covid-the-road-of-a-long-hauler-part-8/
24. /taking-a-look-at-the-national-museum-of-african-american-music-in-nashville/
25. /negro-league-baseball-players-get-added-to-the-national-baseball-hall-of-fame/

We are happy that everyone has allowed us to keep you all informed. So, stick around there is so much more to come.

This video is courtesy of Lacey ‘G Souldier’ Turner
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