The most downloaded app Tik Tok features black creators you should know now

Check out these Black TikTok creators that you should be following today.

Social media is more popular than ever. The pandemic may have forced everyone inside, but that proved to be a blessing for Black creators. Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has gone from a China-based social media outlet to one of the most downloaded apps in the entire world. There are plenty of celebrities, actors, and even professional accounts to check out. However, it is the smaller creators that have been setting the trends.

One thing is for sure, as a people, we will always make sure to put some flavor on a place as we make our mark. Though the algorithm may favor certain looks over others, coming together as a community is the best way to make sure creators from our community are seen and heard. Check out these Black TikTok creators that you should be following today.


Tiktok is often about mindless entertainment, but you can also learn something on the social media platform as well. Jackie is all about racial education in a way that is entertaining and enlightening. She is a social justice activist on top of being a content creator. Her whole message is about empowering the Black community and the POC community. She also presents trendy content, but her main vibe is that of black empowerment.


James Henry has a massive following, but he still deserves a spot on our list. He has been creating content since the days of Vine, and his products still hit the spot. He offers a range of uploads that focus on dance and comedy. Though he mainly covers dating and relationships, he makes sure that all of his uploads are worth your time.


Life as a flight attendant is certain to be full of funny stories, horrific encounters, and content gold all week long. This Black TikTok creator is a full-time flight attendant who uploads content about her life in the friendly skies. She mainly focuses on what it is like dealing with customers and her time with the crew. She also dabbles in parenting content as she shares her life as a mom on the go.


There is nothing better to lift your spirits than getting up and getting active. This black creator has a dynamic personality and intoxicating dance moves that make you want to join in. She has a unique style that sets her apart from other dancers both on and off social media.


This black creator may not have as many followers as others, but her talent and personality make up for it. She offers simple-to-follow makeup tutorials which are backed by some of the most popular sounds of the season. She adds her own special blend of humor as she starts from her base and completes each layer of her look.


Beauty is only skin deep, but if you are looking to make your skin look its best, Ahilyah is the black creator for you. Unlike some of the more energetic creators on the platform, she offers a cool, calm, and collected vibe. You can sit back with a nice mood candle as you watch her soothing and elegant makeup tutorials.


Dancing and makeup are cool and all, but sometimes you want a break from the norm. If you are looking for a fun creator of color to watch, then Chef Dooby has you covered. While cooking channels that teach you how to make elaborate meals are best reserved for YouTube, Dooby offers something different. He sticks to the basics, albeit in a hilarious manner.


There are no rules to fashion other than you should always do what makes you feel good. This Nigerian TikTok creator knows just how to entertain his audience while being a style icon at the same time. He may be the newest person on this list, but he has amassed a giant following within a short time. If you are looking for stunning style ideas, this is the account for you.


There is no place for social media without a bit or a whole lot of comedy. Stacey offers a wide range of comedic skits that will keep you and yours in stitches. She and her husband have an entire feed dedicated to dirty quips and funny parenting tips. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


The Renegade dance has launched more than a few TikTok careers. In fact, Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae took this dance and took it to a whole new level. Well, unsurprisingly this trendy dance was started by a creator of color. Jalaiah Harman, who was 14 at the time created the viral dance all on her own. Not to be considered a one-hit wonder, she also has loads more to offer. Give her a follow so she can get the love she deserves.


There is nothing wrong with a whole lot of body positivity. It’s even more commendable when the person preaching it is a POC. Sam is a talented black creator who also happens to be queer. Her content celebrates bigger bodies and relatable lifestyle events. She will keep you on your toes and laughing with her addictive personality. 

Uplifting Black Creators for 2022

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