The Future Of Climate Change – The time to change is now.

We have seen images of cleaner rivers from the last two years because of the lack of people on the streets. Covid has left a scar in our minds for sure. But more than that, it has also shown us what real problems we face. From inhaling impure air to drinking impure waters, it has exposed the need to clean up our surroundings. 

The earth is showing signs of damage that we inflicted on it. We are seeing it all from speed glacier meltdowns to extreme forest fires and higher temperatures. 

Analyzing the Current Situation

As per the stats from NASA, the global temperature has gone up by 1.18 degrees centigrade since 1880. It may not mean it to many others who feel it rather slow. The seriousness of the fact is that the Arctic sea ice formation has dropped by 13% per decade since 1979. It means the ice is turning to water, thereby scaring us with the impending floods happening sooner. 

Taken as a whole, the range of published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time.

– Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Why is Climate Change Already a Hot Topic

Climate change is evident as many of the animals that could have existed earlier cannot do so now. If you look back on when the earth was this hot million years ago.

It means something is seriously wrong somewhere, and with this kind of heat or high temperatures every year, things will only worsen. 

If you want to know if we could reverse the damage, the answer is partial no. But you can still do something that would flatten the curve and keep the condition stable for some more time. 

The Solution and How to Approach it

There is a way to keep the temperature under control by cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. We are looking at the world where the Arctic snow is melting away, and the forests are dying in fires. If that is not enough, we are also looking at dissolving coral reefs and dying species. 

To ensure this does not happen, we have to reduce our carbon footprint. From reducing the use of non-biodegradable items for packaging to using, you can and will need to make a habit of regularly. 

People across certain countries have already tried to implement these and are serious about using reusable packaging materials. It means lesser damage to the already choking nature. 

We need to take waste disposal more seriously. We should try to reduce the dumping in the landfills and save money and time. 

We cannot undo the damage here too. However, the big challenges persist, including the scarcity of drinking water and food. 

So, we can only use the available resources now properly. It would require us to be calculative, but we also have to plan every meal well. So, the problem’s solution begins from the micro-level, and it can go up to higher levels. The future of climate change is at risk, but we can try to improve it at specific lengths. 

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