As the Super Bowl approaches, the nation is eagerly anticipating more than just a football game – it’s gearing up for a colossal celebration of sports, music, and captivating advertisements. A recent survey conducted by Zinklar unveils the excitement, revealing that a remarkable 81% of Americans are eagerly planning to tune in for the 2024 Super Bowl.

The upcoming showdown features a thrilling face-off between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, setting the stage for an epic battle. The survey discloses intriguing insights into fan preferences, with 25.7% of Americans throwing their support behind the 49ers. Surprisingly, only 17.8% expressed confidence in the Chiefs, despite the stellar performance of their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, leading them to four Super Bowls in the last five seasons.

Beyond the gridiron, the Super Bowl has become an event synonymous with elaborate preparations. A staggering 63.2% of respondents prioritize stocking up on snacks and beverages for the big day. Notably, 9.9% are making significant investments, opting to splurge on a new TV to enhance their viewing experience. Budget-wise, 63.4% intend to keep their Super Bowl-related expenses under $500.

Celebrations take center stage in 2024, with 42.1% favoring family and friends parties. Another 27.6% are planning personal celebrations, while 16.5% opt for a solo game-watching experience. A spirited 9.2% are drawn to the vibrant atmosphere of sports bars, showcasing the diverse ways fans immerse themselves in the Super Bowl experience.

The Super Bowl Snackdown reveals the top contenders for taste buds, with 36.8% craving the savory goodness of chicken wings, 28.3% opting for the classic choice of pizza, and 13.2% indulging in a pile of nachos.

Beverage preferences present a diverse lineup, with 42.8% choosing the classic game-day favorite, beer, closely followed by 35.5% opting for soda. For those seeking a refreshing option, 7.9% go for water, while 13.8% add a touch of sophistication with cocktails.

Brand loyalties come into play, with Corona Extra leading beer preferences at 26.2%, followed by Coors Light at 20.0%, and Modelo Especial at 13.9%. In the soda aisle, Coca-Cola emerges as the favorite at 35.2%, with Pepsi at 25.9%, and Dr. Pepper at 18.5%.

As fans gear up for the game, it’s not just touchdowns they anticipate – commercials during the Super Bowl steal the spotlight. Budweiser takes the lead in generating excitement at 15.5%, closely followed by the creative and entertaining ads from Doritos at 9.3%.

Whether a dedicated football fan, a music enthusiast loving the halftime beats, someone enjoying the company of friends, or simply eager to catch those cool commercials, the 2024 Super Bowl promises an unforgettable blend of sports and entertainment. Get ready for a blast – it’s going to be an epic showdown of fun!

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