St Paul AME Church pulled out the golden pavement to welcome the community for the Juneteenth/Father’s Day celebrations

Reverend Booker stated that they do this every year, even as Father's Day is connected to it.

Being that the state of Missouri was the last state to free slaves. It is more than right that the state’s biggest metro cities St Louis, and Kansas City host many Juneteenth celebrations.

Thanks to President Joe Biden, those celebrations comes with Monday, June 20th, being a national holiday. So, plan ahead so you won’t be going to the bank looking shocked.

Juneteenth was declared a federal holiday by President Joe Biden on June 17, 2021. But it has been celebrated on June 19 since 1865. It marks the day in 1865 that federal troops freed enslaved people in Texas two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, ending slavery.

In a thriving yet rocky neighborhood of Hamilton Heights in St Louis, MO. You will find a bunch of African American churches doing their part for the community.

So, driving in the ‘hood, I happened upon DJ Direct jamming at one said church. (The Cathedral) St Paul AME Church of Rev. Dr. Spencer Lamarr Booker residing; was ever so accommodating to even the best of strangers.

People from all over the neighborhood felt the spiritual vibes as the loud notes of music poured out. To souls that needed healing or just a nice friendly confinement for just a moment.

Reverend Booker stated that they do this every year, even as Father’s Day is connected to it. He stated that the church community welcomes all faces and turns no one away.

His church is getting back into normalcy as Covid-19 has hit us all in good/bad faith. He has a Sunday, and Wednesday service, with most being virtual.

The kids were so excited to get their faces painted,play basketball, bounce around in the bounce houses; eat snow cones,popcorn and hot dogs. And the grown ones enjoyed the music and BBQ.

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