Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline Jackson respond favorably to treatment.

Reverend Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline Jackson were admitted on Saturday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The reverend and his wife remained hospitalized on Monday and were both receiving treatment after they tested positive for COVID-19.

The couple’s son, Jonathan Jackson, on ABC7, described briefly the events that led to the hospitalization of his parents, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Jaqueline Jackson. “She had been real lethargic with flu-like symptoms (and) went to the hospital on Friday,” Jonathan said.

In an update on his parent’s health, Jonathan Jackson told the media said, “Both are resting comfortably and are responding positively to their treatments.”  On behalf of his family, Jonathan thanked those who have supported the family in prayer.

“My family appreciates all the expressions of concern and prayers that have been offered on their behalf and we will continue to offer our prayers for your family as well,” he said.

Reverend Jackson was in 2017 diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but despite his diagnosis, he has remained very involved in the civil rights movement. The civil activist and two-time presidential candidate were fully vaccinated, receiving the Pfizer vaccine in January. He urged members of the African American community to get vaccinated during his highly publicized vaccination. His wife Jacqueline was, however, not vaccinated. The reverend was very vocal about Covid-19, campaigning for the improvement of health outcomes for minorities.

April last year, at the peak of the pandemic, Jesse was quoted asking, “After 400 years of slavery, segregation and discrimination, why would anybody be shocked that African Americans are dying disproportionately from coronavirus?”

Several local church leaders assembled at the hospital and prayed for the couple’s healing on Monday morning. We do hope that the pair recover fully.

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