R. Kelly trial: A second woman takes the stand.

The second week of the month-long trial of Robert Kelly, popularly known as R. Kelly, kicked off with jurors getting to hear the testimony of a singer. The singer testified in court under a pseudonym because of privacy concerns and is identified as Jane Doe #5 in court documents.

At the beginning of her statement, the singer walked the jurors through her experience with R Kelly. The 23-year-old singer was only 17 when she first encountered the R&B singer, R Kelly. The singer was still in high school at the time and was performing at paid gigs, at choirs, and was taking performing art classes.

Her interactions with the R&B singer would begin after receiving his number at a music concert back in 2015. She said that she was promised an opportunity to audition for the star. Her hope and that of her family were that the veteran music star would help her jumpstart her music career.

She said that they engaged in sexual intercourse shortly after they met. The singer said that R. Kelly would not let her sing during the promised audition unless he “released” himself sexually. She recounted how R. Kelly told her that she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do; she could take just off her clothes. It was then that The singer conceded, and R. Kelly performed a sex act on her.

 The singer at the time had told the musician that she was 18. Later, the singer started viewing herself as R. Kelly’s girlfriend. The singer would spend time at the musician’s hometown in Atlanta and hers in Chicago that summer. It was when her senior year neared that The singer confessed to being 17. To which she said R Kelly laughed at her face. The singer recalled R. Kelly convincing her to attend her senior year remotely from his Chicago home. Her parents agreed, trusting a woman R. Kelly knew with their daughter.

 During her time with R. Kelly, the singer described having to abide by a specific set of rules stipulated by R. Kelly, and if she failed to do, the singer would be subjected to punishment and other harsh penalties-in her words, “chastised.” The singer yesterday read the rules to the jurors; she began writing them when she was 17. The rules were disturbing, to say the least. The singer had to stay “beautiful” and “innocent” to remind R. Kelly of his mother and child. The rules gave no room for The singer to push back, “anything Daddy says is to help me.”

The singer later detailed the physical abuse that R. Kelly put her through. She said that the abuse would happen every two to three days. In one instance, the singer recalls R. Kelly being upset because she texted her best friend about her interactions with Mr. Kelly. Mr. Kelly allegedly beat the 17-year-old 4 foot11 and 98 pounds across her body and even retrieved his size 12 Nike sneakers. During her 5-year interaction with R. Kelly, she witnessed the musician beat his other girlfriends.

It was when she was 17 that she got diagnosed with herpes. She said, “I was devastated.” She remembers that it was even difficult to walk at the time, but upon telling R. Kelly her discomfort during sex, he laughed. The singer told the juror that R Kelly said she could have gotten it from someone else.

Just last week, R. Kelly’s doctor testified that the musician had been receiving treatment for herpes as far back 2007. The doctor said that he advised the musician to inform his sexual partners of his STD. That was eight years before he even met The singer.  The singer further detailed to the jurors that when she got pregnant for R. KellyThe witness continues to give her testimony today.

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