Protest for teaching Black History in schools increases as Critical Race Theory talks continue. 

The Country is celebrating Black History this year in February despite the Covid situations. But some parents of Alabama are calling educational authorities to complain to schools that students are celebrating Black History month as racial theory. It has been recognized at Alabama schools that they are celebrating Black History to educate students on race theory. For this reason, many complaints have been received from parents to the State Superintendent Eric Mackey, who further reported to the Alabama Education Policy Committee.

Hence, it acts as an academic framework for examining various laws and policies perpetuating systemic racism. The issue has raised a contentious culture war among conservatives nationwide. The schools are punching back racial equity that includes teaching about racism in American history.

Banning of Critical Race Theory in Alabama Schools

According to the reports, Eric Mackey, Alabama State Superintendent of Education revealed that he received complaints against systematic education, reflecting their confusion on critical racism and black history month. It raised concerns on academic studies that overtook the concept of racism while addressing facts on black history, referring to it as a crime. Reports assert that people don’t know about the realities of critical race theory and yet confuse it with black history month.

Hence, schools also organize programs on the weeks of black history where students recite speeches presenting racism instead of knowing its history. Furthermore, in vowing to keep the concept of critical race theory away from school, the Alabama State Board of Education asserts that the US is not a racist country. Similarly, the state of Alabama should not be considered a racist state.

How the South Eastern States of America Condemning Critical Race Theories

The government has taken strict measures regarding the education system and took steps to demolish such academic practices from schools and the minds of ordinary people. They are taking action to acknowledge the difference between racism and black history. Eric Mackey has also stated that such practices have been taught in schools, and the government should scrutinize policies that aim to promote diversity. Even several other schools in the US have banned the teaching of racism or race-related issues. This kind of act would scare the folks by teaching the real history of Black History, which is further damaging the white society.

The Difference between the Concept of Black History and Critical Race Theory

The Critical Race Theory indicates the theoretical approach to analyze and intersect the complexities of the culture and tradition of Americans. It exhibits the existing power structure in the society of America, indicating institutional racism in America’s social, economic, and educational structures. In simple terms, Black History defines an American African’s traditional reform and culture.

It is a month where people rejoice and thank the Africans who have contributed to the wisdom of the country. It also celebrates their struggle that they worked with primitive efforts for its progress.

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