By: Adrastos Da Silva

Yesterday, Cori tweeted this about the Members-elect that have been voting for hardcore MAGA Republican, Congressman-elect Byron Donalds for Speaker of the House:


Then, came backlash from the right-wing. They were eager to ignore Cori’s concerns about Donalds’ policy agenda or their attempt to draw surface-level parallels between the Democratic nomination for Speaker, Congressman-elect Hakeem Jeffries.

Followed by articles like this one, outlining Cori’s statements:
“It seems as if they’re using him as a prop, as a tool, not because they think that he’s great, that he’s done all of these things to lead them…I don’t like that they’re using him that way. I don’t want them to use him that way. And I want him to understand: They’re only using you… don’t let them do that to you. Make them treat you with dignity and respect.”
“My issue is not with Byron Donalds himself. My issue is not with him being Black. My issue is not with him being Republican. My issue is because he was not someone that they have been promoting for the last two years.”
“I’m glad they took offense because it shows their lack of knowledge. It shows how ignorant they are. I need them to read up and understand what white supremacy is, what it looks like, and what the patriarchal system looks like.”
And just hours ago, on the House floor in a statement by Congressman-elect Dan Bishop to nominate Donalds as Speaker, Bishop attempted to frame Cori’s statements as racist? Make it make sense.
Look, we know they’re using whatever they can to distract from the absolute circus they’re running in Congress right now — but if these clowns are going to stay committed to misrepresenting Cori, then we have to redouble our efforts to amplify her voice.
If you’re with Cori, will you step up with a $5 donation today to demonstrate the strength of our movement and ensure Cori’s got the resources needed to set the record straight as she prepares to go up against opposition including Kevin McCarthy and the Freedom Caucus to deliver for St. Louis?


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It’s clear which party promotes white supremacist chaos and which works against it. Hopefully they can get it together soon, so we can continue the fight to advance racial, economic, and environmental justice and save lives.

In solidarity,

Adrastos Da Silva
Campaign Manager, Team Cori

Featured image by: AP