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OSLO, NORWAY, January 7, 2023 / — Playfinity, a Norwegian sports technology company gamifying sports to encourage children to be more active, announces it will officially release Speed Test and Ground Ball in January, two exciting new games for its best-selling Backyard League Gaming Baseball, the world’s smartest baseball featuring all the advanced technology needed to experience Active Gaming and improve baseball skills through play.

With the new and much-requested Speed Test, Playfinity has created a more engaging and fun way to test each player’s throwing abilities. Coach Bob will guide players through a 10-round test and announce speeds for each throw. Each round is recorded into a test history, tracking the player’s progress over time. Real-time audio commentary guides the player and enhances performance. Designed for throwers ages 6–14, players can set the distance and choose to throw to a catcher or against a padded surface. The final speed score is based on the average, and players get marks for consistency. Coach Bob even issues a diploma for new high scores.

Ground Ball is designed to make it fun to improve ground ball skills. There are multiple game modes to select from, including beating your own score, competing with friends and co-players, and challenging other players around the world. The ball measures key stats such as catching, throwing accuracy, and transition time and provides real-time feedback to the player to help them improve their skills. Players earn badges as their skills improve and they level up.

Playinfity CEO Pippa Boothman says: “We are very proud to have thousands of players globally and to give them two exciting new games. Speed Test and Ground Ball use advanced gaming technology to keep kids active, interested, and motivated while naturally building their confidence in the game and letting them have fun. That’s what Playfinity is all about!

Playfinity currently has thousands of active gamers around the world across various products. The players love the real-time audio feedback, commentary, sound effects, and music. It creates a realistic and immersive experience that puts you at the center of the game with a global community.

Playfinity will be making their first USA showcase January 5-8 at CES in Las Vegas, Booth # 60701 in Eureka Park, and at the American Baseball Coaches Association’s Convention in Nashville, booth #3100. They invite everyone to stop by and play!

About Playinfity
Playfinity is the home of Active Gaming. They are a Norwegian sports-tech company on a mission to create a more active future for kids. Playfinity gamifies sports and creates fun, playful, and engaging experiences that keep kids active. Active play is critical for the mental and physical development of children. After five years of development, three products on the market, thousands of jumpers and players globally, and a very exciting roadmap, they are proud to say that the mission is working, they are scaling globally, and they are excited to make more kids active. Learn more.

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