NFL Off-Season: The Broncos Channel Ciara’s prayer and snag Russell Wilson in a trade

The Seahawks since paying Russell Wilson a max contract, haven’t quite been the juggernaut that they were when Wilson was on his rookie deal. 

After over a year of flirtations with being traded and there being disharmony in Seattle between Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson.  The Seahawks since paying Russell Wilson a max contract, haven’t quite been the juggernaut that they were when Wilson was on his rookie deal. 

SEATTLE, WA – AUGUST 08: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks warms up prior to the game against the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field on August 8, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The legion of boom defense dissipated and while the Seahawks and the 12th man, managed winning seasons and were making the playoffs, they had not been a serious threat to win a Super Bowl since their Super Bowl loss to the Patriots.

At the combine Seattle did lots of posturing saying that they weren’t willing to discuss a trade for Russell Wilson.  It was reported that the Washington Commanders made overtures of a trade, but the front office more less that there would be no trade of Wilson. 

The new Broncos QB, came on the National morning radio circuit saying that Seattle was home and that the West Coast was where he wanted to be.  Well he’s not quite on the West Coast, but he accepted a trade to the Denver Broncos. 

Many believed that the Seahawks were going to hold on Russell.  The Denver Broncos swung in with a huge offer that had been reportedly been getting negotiated for weeks.

What did Seattle receive in return for Wilson?

The Denver Broncos sent

Quarterback – Drew Lock

Tight End – Noah Fant

Defensive lineman – Shelby Harris

2 first round picks, 2 second round picks, and a 5th round pick. (5 total draft picks, and 3 players)

The Broncos according to Caesars Sports book went from 25-1 odds of winning a Superbowl to 12-1 odds. Wilson is a nine-time pro bowler, has appeared in two Super Bowls. 

Now the Broncos will be able to compete with the likes of the Chiefs, Raiders and Justin Herbert and the Chargers.  NFL Free agency was expected to be when the sparks started flying. 

But the moves have started early as the Packers signed an historic deal to keep Aaron Rodgers, and now Denver Broncos are set for the next few years, after being in the wilderness for decades ever.

The veteran Quarterbacks that are left on the market are as follows;

Deshaun Watson – legal issue pending, but Houston is dead set on moving on from him as he is also dead set on moving on from them.

Mitch Trubisky – scheming to get back into a starting job after a year of rehabbing his image in Buffalo.

Jimmy Garoppolo – Has taken San Francisco to the NFC championship game and was close to winning a SuperBowl. After drafting Trey Lance in 2021, San Fran may try to move off of Jimmy G.

Carson Wentz – At his best he was an MVP candidate, at his worst, he was really bad.  The Colts have made it clear that he will be released or traded.

Teams that will be seeking a franchise quarterback this offseason.

Washington Commanders. – Taylor Heinicke is not the one.  Look for the Commanders to try to upgrade.

Carolina Panthers – The Sam Darnold trade, and Cam Newton homecoming were not great solutions at QB1.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Pittsburgh’s brass say they are ready to roll with Mason Rudolph or Dwayne Haskins.  Don’t believe that.

Detroit Lions – They traded Matthew Stafford for Jared Goff.  Goff was not a huge hit in Detroit.

NFL Free agency starts March 16th at 4pm EDT.   The NFL draft will run from April 28th-30th.

Stay tuned for information here on the NFL’s Offseason, including trades, the draft, and free agency.

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