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In a surprising revelation, André 3000, the iconic Atlanta artist known for his groundbreaking work with Outkast, has announced the imminent release of his first official solo album, titled ‘New Blue Sun.’ Set to drop this Friday, November 17, the eight-song collection is anticipated to showcase a transformative evolution in André’s artistic journey, breaking free from the conventional boundaries of hip-hop.  In an exclusive interview with NPR Music published on November 14, André shared insights into the making of ‘New Blue Sun’ and the invaluable input he received from a couple of Odd Future alumni. 

Reflecting on the recording process, André disclosed, “Once we started recording New Blue Sun, I think like three songs in I was like, ‘Oh, we got something.’ I remember I had maybe four songs, and I was just kind of testing it out ’cause I wanted to see how a younger audience would perceive it.”  The collaborative spirit behind the album became evident when André sought feedback from fellow artists, Tyler, The Creator, and Frank Ocean. Recalling the moment, André explained, “I live in Cali now, so I reached out to [Tyler, The Creator] for him to check it out, and I went to his house. So we’re sitting there, and Frank [Ocean] just happened to drop by. So it’s us three sitting there listening to these three songs, and I just kind of wanted to get an opinion. And it was just good for me to hear with somebody else.”  One distinctive aspect of ‘New Blue Sun’ is its departure from traditional rap. 

André emphasized that the album is entirely devoid of rapping, with no lyrics at all. While expressing his enduring love for hip-hop culture, André clarified that, creatively, he currently feels disconnected from the genre. “I love rap music because it was a part of my youth. So I would love to be out here with everybody rapping because it’s almost like fun and being on the playground,” he confessed. “This is the realest thing that’s coming right now. Not to say that I would never do it again, but those are not the things that are coming right now. And I have to present what’s given to me at the time.”  As fans eagerly await the release of ‘New Blue Sun,’ André 3000’s innovative approach to music promises a refreshing and unexpected sonic experience.

Check out the full track listing for New Blue Sun below.

New Blue Sun tracklist:

  1. “I swear, I Really Wanted To Make A ‘Rap’ Album But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me This Time”
  2. “The Slang Word P**sy Rolls Off The Tongue With Far Better Ease Than The Proper Word Vagina . Do You Agree?”
  3. “That Night In Hawaii When I Turned Into A Panther And Started Making These Low Register Purring Tones That I Couldn’t Control … S**t Was Wild”
  4. “BuyPoloDisorder’s Daughter Wears A 3000™ Button Down Embroidered”
  5. “Ninety Three ‘Til Infinity And Beyoncé”
  6. “Ghandi, Dalai Lama, Your Lord & Savior J.C. / Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, And John Wayne Gacy”
  7. “Ants To You, Gods To Who ?”
  8. “Dreams Once Buried Beneath The Dungeon Floor Slowly Sprout Into Undying Gardens”