NBA star Lebron James and Family Foundation partnered with cryptocurrency platform to create Education Program.

Lebron James is currently playing in his 19th season in the NBA and has achieved so much on the court that his name comes up whenever anyone talks about the greatest ever basketball player. He continues to set new standards in the game, and it is almost scary to imagine what his numbers will be when he finally hangs up his boots. Lebron has also been “putting in the work” off the court and has spearheaded several philanthropic projects through his Lebron James Family Foundation. One of the foundation’s most remarkable achievements so far is the opening of the I Promise School in Lebron’s hometown, Akron, Ohio. The school’s mission is to bring meaningful change to the lives of children from a lower socio-economic background through education and co-curricular activities. Crypto education was recently added to the school’s curriculum through a partnership between Lebron James and

James believes that blockchain technology is the future and is passionate about ensuring that people from the communities that he came from are not left behind. The partnership with will see crypto experts teaching I Promise participants the nuances of blockchain and Web3 technology both virtually and in person. All 1600 students at the I Promise School will be exposed to the technology in one way or another. James said, “ and I are aligned on the need to educate and support my community with the information and tools they need for inclusion. I am looking forward to working with them to bring these opportunities to my community”. CEO Kris Marszalek also commented on the deal, stating that the deal will be an effort “to build a better and more inclusive future.” Blockchain technology is the foundation of cryptocurrency systems. The aim of the program is to teach the children the fundamental concepts of the technology to allow them to take advantage of the many opportunities available in cryptocurrencies.

The partnership is a multi-year one and will also benefit the extended families of the participants; access to career paths and job opportunities in the blockchain field will be provided to family members who have a desire to learn and work in this exciting new field! currently has over 10 million customers and a daily trading volume of over 3 billion dollars, making them one of the five largest crypto trading platforms. Therefore, they are well-positioned to teach about crypto technology and a fitting partner for James. The partnership is also in keeping with the mission of the Lebron James Family Foundation to build the entire community since parents and guardians are more likely to buy into something if they are included in the initiative and can relate to it.

Lebron James continues to be an advocate for his community, and this latest initiative is a testament to that. James has shown his passion for basketball for nineteen years and is still more passionate about the game than any current player! He is equally passionate about community development.

Looking forward to seeing him lead more initiatives to uplift people from communities like the one he came from in Akron, Ohio.

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