Playoffs? Playoffs?  Yes, football fans it’s time for the NFL playoffs.

Questions going into the weekend.  The health of two quarterbacks that could swing the competitive balance of two games.  Lamar Jackson possibly returned for the Ravens, and Tua Tagovailoa for the Dolphins.  Both games will be greatly determined if those players can return for the respective teams.

Here’s a look at your Super Wild Card Weekend Matchups.

Saturday’s Slate

Pete Carroll has figured out a way to get the Seahawks to .500 despite losing Russell Wilson.  They take on the San Francisco 49ers who may have found an unexpected solution at Quarterback in Brock Purdy.

Winner – 49ers They might be headed to another Super Bowl which would be their second appearance under Kyle Shanahan, still a long way to go before we get to Super Bowl predictions.

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Chargers vs Jaguars – These are two fairly evenly matched teams with young stud QBs.  I’ll give the edge to Doug Pedersen, who has coached a team to the Super Bowl before.   

Winner – Jaguars (DUUUUUUVAL!)

Sunday’s Slate

Ravens vs Bengals – Lamar Jackson is trending towards not playing.  Another important game down the stretch missed.  Does this affect his contract status with the Ravens?  Will the team want to pay a quarterback that is never available for critical games?  Especially one that’s a limited thrower of the football hat needs a gimmick offense to function.  We shall see this off season.  

Winner – Who dey? Who says that they’re going to beat the Bengals? (Won’t be the Ravens) The Bengals get the win and move on.  (Fox Sports “Speak” Debate on Lamar’s contract and return)

Dolphins vs Bills – Tua Tagovailoa has been ruled out for the playoff game, as he has failed to be released out of the NFL’s concussion protocol.  Skylar Thompson will be the fins QB for their game on Sunday.  Without Tua Miami does not have much of a legitimate chance to win.  

Winner – Bills Mafia rolls on to the round to the Playoff

Winner – Bills are at home, and there’s a great chance that Tua will not be available.

Giants vs Vikings – If the best version of the Vikings show up, they win.  If another version shows up, it could be curtains.  But I think the Vikings are just a little better roster wise than the Giants.  The Giants have arrived to the party earlier than scheduled just getting to playoffs is a special accomplishment considering their roster.

Winner – Vikings

Monday Night Playoffs! I love this concept.

Cowboys – Buccaneers –  Dak looked awful in week 18 against the Commanders.  If he looks anything close to that, Dem boys are toast.  The Bucs are rounding into form now.  Neither of these teams are Super Bowl material.  But I’ll take Tom over Dak anyday even if Tom is almost 50.

Winner – Tampa Bay!  The Avocado Toast will taste even better on Tuesday after the Bucs win. (Tom Brady eats super healthy and Avocado flavored things are supposedly one of his healthy favorites.

Notable story:  Damar Hamlin, Bills safety that suffered a Cardiac Arrest a week and a half ago is now being discharged from a hospital in Buffalo and is returning to Buffalo to complete his recovery. Hamlin underwent a comprehensive medical evaluation at Buffalo General Medical Center, and Dr Jamie Nadler, critical care and Chief Quality Officer at Kaleida Health said that Damar was ready to return home and complete his rehabilitation there and with the care of Buffalo Bills team doctors.

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