Jazz & R&B Trailblazer James Mtume Reportedly Dead at Age 76

James Forman (born January 3, 1946), known his stage name James Mtume, is an American jazz and R&B musician, songwriter & activist has died at the age of 76 according to media reports. It was first reported on Twitter by Roland Martin. No cause of death was reported.

He collaborated with Miles Davis from 1971 to 1975 and gained fame as a jazz musician. Mtume’s R&B band, often known as Mtume, is thought for the 1983 R&B hit “Juicy Fruit”, which has been repeatedly sampled. The Mtume band additionally received the highest 5 R&B with the one “You, Me, and He”.

Mtume is most notable for his 1983 song, “Juicy Fruit,” which was sampled by The Notorious B.I.G. for his first official single, “Juicy” in 1994.

James Foreman was born and raised in South Philadelphia. He’s the son of jazz saxophonist Jimmy Heath, however he was raised by James “Hen Gates” Forman, a neighborhood jazz pianist in Philadelphia.

Mtume’s transition from jazz pioneer to R&B master enabled his own group, Mtume, to set himself apart from his peers. After teaming up with the late Reggie Lucas, the duo would curate their sound throughout the ‘80s, penning such hits as Stephanie Mills’ Grammy-winning “Never Knew Love Like This Before” and Roberta Flack’s “The Closer I Get to You.”

In a interview with NBC news about today’s music generation he said “Honestly, I can’t compare music from one generation to the next because it’s a different sound. Each generation is different and it’s up to you to keep up with the times. Each generation records music that represents their generation. I can’t compare the Motown sound to today’s music because the musical composition was totally different at the time.”

in Talking about keeping music alive he said “younger generation about their culture and where it all began musically. They need to know where certain musical sounds originated and why we could record freely. Children and youth don’t know an Al Green or James Brown record or any other classic R&B artists. We can’t blame them; we must look at the parents, elders and schools for not exposing them to old school music

Damon Garrett Riddick, better known by his stage name Dâm-Funk posted on his twitter a tribute highliging Mtume accomplishments.

Cosmo Baker Philadelphia based DJ, record producer also posted a tribute on his twitter.

Cosmo Baker Twitter: American, Philadelphia based DJ, record producer,

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