Fear is lurking within people globally regarding whether they can ever get that everyday life back as they lived before 2020. Every day our mind hits with the biggest unanswerable question ‘Can We Eliminate Covid Forever?’ Briskly eradicating a virus, which is highly contagious, from the world is challenging.

Furthermore, seemingly, it seems to be impossible too. The virus is so infectious that it can rapidly transmit through multiple thresholds from one person to the other. Hence, they are so good at finding new people to infect, and it’s just like getting a new home to reside in.

It is responsible for spreading across the globe and infecting more than 1.5000 million people from each country from mid-2020 to 2021. However, the chapter of transmission and new waves of Covid infection is still, somehow, going on in one country or other, with novel variants arriving regularly.

Fortunately, scientists expect reliefs in the word ‘endemic’ although they have confirmed that Covid viruses will stay alongside us with mild to no activity in the anticipated future.

Determining the Symptoms of Endemic of Covid-19 Virus

Virologists are discussing a relevant issue: the endemic of Sars-Cov-2. Determining the endemicity of Covid, they indicate the relative settling down of their occurrence and patterns at a stable rate globally. The virus maintains a constant pool of infected hosts holding back its potential to infect others. Although variants like Delta and Omicron are far more contagious than prior variants of Covid, the spread has given a hope of light to declare the upcoming endemic worldwide.

Factually, they are helping people grow strong immunity to fight the disease as a whole. Social distancing, wearing masks, contact tracing, and quarantines are protective tools to drive the virus to extinction. The boosters and vaccine jabs provided by the government are also a plus in growing immunity power in people. To gain immunity in the human body, World Health Organizations have also discussed the necessity of consuming immunity-boosting food to develop better health.

Can Vaccines Reduce the Transmission Rate of Covid-19

Several vaccines are implemented to reduce the infectious rate of the Covid. Still, people who already have two doses of vaccines are also becoming infected. However, a reason behind this indeed is the comorbidity of people. Doctors have proclaimed that people with comorbidity factors are behind further Covid outbreaks with statistical insights. But the infections are mild, just like normal cold fever.

A Hope for the Endemic of Covid is in Rising Among People

According to virologists of different nations, the endemic of Covid lies upon the interplay behavior of people of the world, its demographic structure, susceptibility, and immunity. Also, it relies upon the emergence of the variances of the Covid, their strength, and how it will infect people. Although, experts state that the emergence of new variants seems to seed new waves of epidemics. These seeds denote the capacity of the human body to respond and fight with these variants.

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