How Does The Future Of Education Look Like

When the pandemic struck little, did we realize that our kids would face a significant challenge than ever? The education sector suffered a lot, and educators worldwide have put up a brave front to make their students through the academic year. 

Has it been an easy transition for them from the physical brick-and-mortar classroom to the online classroom? The answer is no. Has it been easy for the students who belong to this online generation otherwise? The answer still is no. 

Now again, with newer variants of the virus out in the open, schools worldwide are closing down again. So, the schools that have been open for the last few months face closure once again. It means the students have to once again go for online education. As per UNICEF, the schoolchildren globally have lost 1.8 trillion hours and more of direct school learning due to these lockdowns. 

What Do the Teachers/ Educators Face?

Teachers have never had it easy, even before the pandemic. Now the workload has increased several-fold. In the first phase of the pandemic, the teachers have struggled to understand how to use online platforms to educate. 

Then new technological tools came up, and they learned and adapted themselves to using them again. Then the exams and tests were the other challenges the teachers faced. They were unaware of how to go ahead with the evaluation of the students. 

However, they also realized that time is of great value, and it cannot take forever to implement the same. 

The Students and How they Suffer

The students have wanted to go back to being in the classroom for a long time. But they cannot go back and meet their friends. They seek that physical touch and feel of the classroom, setting them in the mood to study. 

Though many countries have adopted the hybrid education system, chances for these too to go online are higher. 

Governments and health organizations have laid down several protocols for the hybrid system and have called for strict implementation. It includes frequent cleaning of all the surfaces, sanitizing the rooms and bathrooms, and social distancing. Many even mandate the all-time mask rules and ensure students do not come close to the teachers or friends even during lunch hours. 

Why is Hybrid Model Getting a Proper Reception?

The hybrid model is getting a thumbs up from educators and students or parents alike. We are talking of education in remote areas where the internet connection is still not available stably even now. For them, going to classes to catch up on the missed notes would be a necessity. 

It would be a bridge-the-gap option, and hence, even educators are suggesting the same. If the schools or education systems and governments decide to go for online education or remote learning, infrastructure should be strong. 

Online education has clearly shown the world the big divide between the haves and the have nots. Hence, students in the remote or the underprivileged classes cannot access education now, which is a scary situation one must overcome at the earliest. 

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