Handgun training classes increase due to gun violence. Are folks scared?

This year marks the second in a row where guns have been sold in record-high numbers. Gun sellers across the nation, the uncertainty brought by the pandemic and unrest of the past years has led their customers to feel the need to take security into their hands.  And understandably so, 54 people are dying daily in 2021 from gun violence in America, according to the Washington Post who analyzed data from a nonprofit organization, the Gun Violence Archive.

Compared to figures seen between 2015 and 2019, where 40 people died from gun violence per day, that number is jarring. And according to a Washington Post article, 2020 has a surge in gun violence compared to previous years. In 2021, the number of deaths through gun violence is set to go even higher, with more than 120 people dying in one week from gun violence.

Perhaps the current surge in gun violence has made both the young and the old all over America buy guns for themselves. According to Burbank, California-based Redstone Firearms owner Geneva Solomon, gun sales have gone up and enrollment classes.

So who is buying these guns? First-time gun buyers makeup at least 40 percent of all gun sales between January to April 2020 and are not limited to race, ethnicity, political or even religious beliefs. White, Black Asian, and Latino alike are buying guns in droves.

In the week of March 15 to 21, of 2021 the FBI completed a record high number of background checks since 1998- having completed 1,218,002, and by the end of the month, nearly 4.7 million background checks were completed.  In January this year alone, 4 million background checks were completed, increasing from last year’s 2.7 million. 

The FBI said they could not ascertain why there was an uptick in firearm purchase, but the increase in gun violence has sparked fierce policy debates; Debates that will yield change? Let’s wait and see.

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