Dr. Lance McCarthy hasn’t been adviser for long. But he is making great stride in ensuring that things move along effectively with the process.

It is with great pleasure that we present some leading guests for the Breathe Brunch. The Breathe Brunch is slated for Sunday, May 22, 2022 at noon; VIP only, in Bel Air, California. Which means, I am not invited.

Just kidding, I am sure if I could catch a flight our media associate Dr. Lance would accommodate me. From 1pm-4pm, this event will be opened for the general public.

The Brunch and Auction, a VIP invite-only, will highlight the work of GFF and its impact. Artists, performers, lectures, awards, and success stories will be shared.

Dr. Lance is calling this a momentous event. The organization will be raising funds to continue their mission.

The mission of the Houston George Floyd Foundation is to create social justice equality and equity opportunity. The areas of social justice education and advocacy, youth services and work force development.

This will soon be the second-anniversary of George Floyd death. And to me it seemed like years since the fateful day happened. I always say, do your job but the extreme force is unorthodox.

Honorees featured in Government, Tech, Sports, Music and Finance.

There will also be some very regal guests in attendance such as Alki David, the billionaire who owns 26 Coca Cola Distributorships in 26 Countries; J Bloom, the billionaire who is buying the NBA expansion team to Las Vegas, has just confirmed as well. He is allowing them to auction off a mentor dinner, with him.



A few snap-shots of Dr. Lance in the studio working on the music production.

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