Let’s talk about FASHION. Fashion is whatever you make it. You are UNIQUELY and WONDERFULLY made. God made you PERFECTLY, IMPERFECT! So, walk in your true self, because BEAUTY comes in all different shapes, sizes, and skin colors. Do not let anyone BODY SHAME YOU! LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF, FOR WHO YOU ARE!

Let’s discuss different body shapes for women:

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Apple shape

Pear shape

Hourglass shape

Rectangle shape

Inverted triangle shape

Let’s discuss different body shapes for men:


Inverted Triangle




Do your homework and figure out what your body shape is.

Wear clothing that compliments your body shape:

Just because a piece of clothing comes in your size, does not mean that it is “FOR YOU”, be honest with yourself, because sometimes people in your “friend group” are not going to be honest with you, because they do not want to hurt your feelings. Now, that I have gotten that out of the way.

There are no RULES to fashion.

If you would like to wear white after Labor Day, please, do so, do whatever makes you feel happy and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Always, use your better judgment and take a second look into the mirror, before leaving home.

Wear colors that compliment your skin tone:

Don’t be afraid to wear BOLD colors and patterns.

Do your homework and figure out what works best for you.


Be sure to check out VOGUE Street Style Trend Tracker.

“Plaid coats in Paris, animal print on accessories, neon puffers for fall. Use our new interactive tool to explore Vogue Runway’s ever-expanding archive of street style photos tagged by item, style, city, and season. We’ll add new photos all season long, so check back often to keep up with what’s trending.”

Glamor & gains

15 Biggest Fall Fashion Trends:

Preppy styles – pleated skirts, polo shirts and plaid blazers

Sheer clothing

Tailored corsets & bustier


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Skirts and dresses with trains

Sparkly accent

Medium wash jeans

Cozy oversized coats and jackets

Slip dresses

Maxi skirts

Structured shoulders

Crisp white shirts

Tank tops


The Female Tux

Fall fashion trends 2022 are daring, futuristic and edgy. 2022 Fall trends still have that 90s and Y2K influence such as lots of minis, low slung pants and platforms. For Autumn think styles that show lots of skin with a little sparkle, preppy looks, laid back denim & tanks, black and structured corsets inspired by the Fall Winter 2022 runway shows by Dior, Versace, Chanel, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Fendi, etc. Want to wear black, wear black, prefer bright highlighter colors, wear those too. Fall 2022 women’s fashion trends embodies both and there’s a style for everyone.”


“With every new season comes a brand-new group of bold, statement-making fashion trends worth incorporating into your wardrobe. But if you’ve been feeling more Clean Girl Aesthetic than Dopamine Dressing as of late, or are simply looking to wear what you already own rather than splurging on something new, you’re in for a treat. Fall 2022 is all about the basics, AKA the simple, everyday pieces that you’ve probably invested in long ago.

However, just because white tank tops and black dress pants are being considered the season’s “It” items doesn’t mean you have to wear them in a toned-down or business casual way. On the contrary, the runways and the fashion girls have shown us that there are ton of ways to spice up these staples. So, if you’re looking to reinvent your closet and spend $0 on your fun Fall wardrobe, it’s time to try these quick tips, ahead.”




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