I am so sorry for the long title. If they can write a long speech-title for that Netflix movie, then leave me alone.

Let’s get right to the thick of things. What is this the Greek Mythologies? You are asking this young man to complete 6 or 7 tasks before he can return to NBA?

Are you all really serious or did you all get drunk with the NBA commissioner and just wrote up something? This is not a Hercules and the 12 Labors’ remake.

This is a 30-year-old African American man’s career at stake. And he isn’t Hercules; he is a black man working hard for his.

There are so many other things that he could have done to satisfy your justification for his wrong-doing or actions, so you say.

Let’s go back to what really happen. I wasn’t there, so I am going to take a clip and also credit them. HOURS BEFORE ANOTHER Brooklyn Nets loss on Thursday, noted “free-thinker” and basketball player Kyrie Irving took to Twitter to boost a movie and book, Hebrews to Negroes, stuffed with antisemitic tropes. Credit JON BLISTEIN and thanks.

Now let’s ponder the facts that they did lose that night. So, they felt insulted and embarrassed that they star player posted something they deemed offensive?

What if they would have won, would we still be having this conversation?

The NBA need to get over themselves and stop with the shenanigans. 5 days without pay, get the basketball out of here.

This man is worth a staggering 90 million dollars, and you all playing with him like this!

The items are: ( I am not concerned with Nike) The 6 tasks

— Irving must apologize for posting a link to a documentary containing antisemitic material. He also must condemn the movie.

— Irving must make a $500,000 donation to anti-hate causes.

— Irving must receive sensitivity training.

— Irving must take training to educate himself on antisemitism.

— Irving must meet with the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish leaders.

— Irving must meet with Nets owner Joseph Tsai to demonstrate his understanding of the issues.

The Nets suspended Irving for at least five games without pay on Thursday.

I saw this and almost passed out with laughter.

I was going to mention Amazon, but someone on Twitter had beaten me to the punch.

I just going to sit this right here and pray that Kyrie is ok. I am going to try and reach out to him soon.

Maybe we can start a charitable event in the NBA’s honor. As a result it might change their face of things.

Thanks for arriving here and I am so OUT!

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