D.C. Suffers from Continuously Increasing Carjacking Cases, What Should Be The Solution?

Cases of carjacking are progressively on the rise around the D.C region. As a result, political leaders, police, and Prince George’s County have become lean towards refurbishing the community’s criminal justice ecology due to the mounting carjacking cases during the last two years of the pandemic.

Since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, instances of carjacking have been observed in both county and district. While, in 2019, 141 and 100 cases of carjacking were recorded by police and Prince George, the cases were ascended to 426 in D.C, the county recorded 394 cases. This drift is in progress even this year. According to the police department, their primary concern is the kids aged less than 17, who are associated with such crime. Juveniles arrested in charge of carjacking in 2021 were 85 from 132 arrests in district and 86 from 152 arrests in the county.

According to Prosecutors, these offenses shouldn’t be deemed planned criminal schemes. Rather than that, these incidents are more like satisfying eagerness of enjoyable rides since vehicles are getting found abundant later on. In actuality, this sequence started when businesses and schools began getting closed, with the covid pandemic affecting the region in 2020’s March.

To prevent further cases from occurring, attorney offices of states are collaborating with planning departments, local social service agencies, parks, and school authorities. A call-to-action and gun prevention rally was organized by Aisha Braveboy, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney. Braveboy states that these youngsters’ conducts, associated with carjacking, are equally adverse for the victim and themselves. Hence, they are accountable for it. The authority wants these young people to treasure their lives and think about their future. 

As the same situation has grasped roughly the entire country, police departments across the country have released some advisories. According to the police departments, people should always keep their cell phones and focus on their surroundings. Several police departments have advised car owners to drive through the middle lane so that carjackers experience enough difficulty in approaching the car. Experts also recommend driving by freeway or well-lighted and choose streets that are commonly used, most of the time. Departments have also requested owners not to travel alone and keep their windows closed, and doors locked adequately while driving.    

In addition, they are asked to prohibit themselves from stopping to help strangers asking for assistance from the roadside. Again, it’s because it is a known way of stopping cars in the middle of roads with intentions of robbing. Finally, the suggestions are extended to ensure car owners’ safety while entering or exiting vehicles. According to PPD, carjacking incidents are more prone in public garages, parking lots, gas stations, residential garages, ATMs, and other similar places.     

Drivers shouldn’t park their vehicles in places where visibility is compromised. Preferably, a secured parking spot should be managed by parking attendants. Besides, they should be conscious about the surrounding before getting out from the cars. Cars keys should be ready in their hands so that they can quickly get into the vehicles, noticing any suspicious behavior.

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