Covid will become an endemic disease as early as 2024 Pfizer says.

Pfizer executives said Friday, meaning the virus will transition from a global emergency to a constant presence causing regional outbreaks across the world — much like the flu.

“We believe Covid will transition to an endemic state, potentially by 2024,” Nanette Cocero, global president of Pfizer Vaccines, said during an investor call Friday.

“When and how exactly this happens will depend on the development of the disease, how effectively society uses vaccines and treatments and a fair distribution to places where vaccination rates are low,” said Pfizer’s scientific director Mikael Dolsten. “The emergence of new variants may also affect how the pandemic continues to unfold.”

Health officials continue to urge unvaccinated individuals to get their shots and for people who already are fully vaccinated to get boosted as soon as they are eligible, six months after completing their two-dose series of Pfizer or Moderna and two months following one shot of Johnson & Johnson.

People across the US are continuing to get expose to the virus daily and as data come in, we learn new information daily about the spread and also other variants.

In an interview Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said a vaccine mandate for domestic air travel is worth considering.

“When you make vaccinations a requirement, that’s another incentive to get more people vaccinated,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “If you want to do that with domestic flights, I think that’s something that seriously should be considered.”

Airlines canceled over 2,000 flights on Christmas Eve as the rapid spread of the omicron variant of Covid-19 drove up sick calls from flight crews.

Cities across the U.S., including New York City & D.C. require proof of vaccination to attend in-door venues such as Broadway theaters, sports arenas, restaurants and fitness centers and more are starting to join as we enter the new year.

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