When the Covid19 situation has started to look relatively stable, with positive cases and fatality rates descending gradually, the populace accumulates hopes of being normal like they were before, again. But, in a parallel plain where people confined from their liberty and rights reside, the Covid spread remains to be out of control still now. It is something that has kept prison authorities from all over the USA into significant perturbation, as drastic and immediate changes are required to reinstate this scenario into manageable levels once again.

The government’s concerns regarding this vertical and persistent rise of infection rate can be identified, as well, with the Centers for Dease Control and Prevention publishing an elongated guide for Prisoners of the country.

But, before proceeding further even a bit, one should recognize the actual reason behind this spread and the situation being uncontrollable still now.

The Reason behind Higher Covid-19 Spread in Jails  

The focal cause for the massive spread of covid-19 in prisons is based upon the method covid virus transmits from one to another and the United States prisons’ settings. The virus can spread to a healthy person when he comes in close contact with an infected individual and gets exposed to droplets coming out from the deceased person’s mouth during sneezing, coughing, talking, and more.  

On the other hand, Jails create an optimum situation for the disease to spread, as maintaining a safe distance between prisoners is difficult. Lockups tend to have insufficient space for allowing prisoners to maintain social distancing. The reluctance and ignorance regarding regular usage of masks is yet another reason functional for the spread. 

Possible Effect of Failures in Managing the Surging Covid Cases in Prisons

When inflation has ascended its head, noting a 7% rise in 2021, the highest in the last 40 years, experts are witnessing enough adversities in the current Covid situation in US jails too.

In a statement, the World Health Organization mentioned that prisons aren’t detached from public health. Hence, although responding to covid outbreaks in detentions sites would be challenging, an all-inclusive social approach is highly essential. The report also added that every measure taken to prevent the further spread of covid-19 would fall inactive if compelling efforts, including testing and treatment, arent conducted within jails. 

Amidst all these, the news of the number of infected prisoners reaching 249 in Santa Barbara’s central jail is highly alarming. The Beaver County Jail is in a somewhat better position. Still, it had to isolate 16 positive detainees after conducting tests on 211 individuals. Thankfully, prison and jail authorities have started to consider the necessity of testing the inmates and employees more seriously. Many of them have also decided to conduct a covid test on every new facility member.

Concluding Lines

At this unprecedented time, nobody can tell when a new covid variant will appear to propel the world towards new waves and lockdowns. But, it’s definite that if the jail authority takes necessary measures with inclusive approaches, they can prevent the adversity to the farthest extent possible. 

Anthony Tilghman

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