Black History Month Spotlight: Vice President Kamala Harris

Today, the world knows who Kamala Harris is and respects her massively too. She is now more than just the present Vice President of the United States of America. It is an achievement as she is the first female to occupy this position. She also has the first African American and the first Asian American Vice President in the history of the USA.

January 2021, when the Biden administration came to power in the country, Kamala Harris too came to power. Since taking up the position, she has been the powerhouse and earned all the recognitions that have come her way.

Her Early Upbringing

Kamala Harris was born to a mother of Indian origin and a father of Afro-Jamaican descent. She and her sister had a very mixed cultural upbringing, with Harris visiting her maternal grandparents in Madras quite often in her childhood.

Later, Harris attended Howard University, where she took an internship as a mailroom clerk for the California-based senator, Alan Cranston. Later she graduated from there with a degree in Political science and economics. Then she did her law school and graduated with a Juris Doctor in 1989 while also securing a position in the California Bar in June 1990.

The Work in Law

As soon as she started her career in law, she became a depute District Attorney in Alameda County, California.

She later ran for the District Attorney of San Francisco against Hallinan and Bill Fazio. Later she tried to change the judiciary by going for life imprisonment vis-à-vis death penalty. She continued to use this in her campaign as well. She also tried to actively go for being more proactive with a reentry program for first-time non-violent offenders between 18 and 30. However, the route to reentry is not easy. It required the people to go for 220 hours of community service, graduation, and even taking parenting classes and passing drug tests.

Over 6 years alone, as many as 200 people had graduated, and this Back on Track program helped a lot of positive recognition from the US Department of Justice. The prosecutor offices in Baltimore, Philadephia, and Atlanta have used Back on Track as the ideal model for reentry.

Other Reforms

Harris had in 2011 announced the setting up of the Mortgage Fraud Strike Force. It was the need of the hour as the US was facing a crisis from foreclosures. In 2012 she sent out an agreement with the top companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon, asking them to bare out privacy disclaimers.

The Awards and Recognitions

As a result of over a decade-long service, Harris has received the Thurgood Marshall Award in 2005. Time featured her in 2013, 2020, and in 2021 in the Time 100 as one of the most influential people in the world.

She got selected in the Inaugural 2021 Forbes 50. In short, she is taking issues by the horns, taking control of the situation, and bringing a positive change wherever possible.

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