Angela Alsobrooks Wins Maryland Democratic Senate Nod, Overcoming Trone's Record $61.77M Campaign. Image Angela Alsobrooks for Senate

Angela Alsobrooks makes history by defeating David Trone in Maryland’s Democratic Senate primary, despite his record-breaking $61.77M campaign.

Angela Alsobrooks Wins Maryland Democratic Senate Nod, Overcoming Trone’s Record $61.77M Campaign. Image Angela Alsobrooks for Senate

Angela Alsobrooks has won Maryland’s Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, marking a significant victory over three-term Representative David Trone, who set a record with his $61.77 million self-funded campaign. Alsobrooks, the Prince George’s County Executive, now advances to the highly competitive general election, where she will face former Republican Governor Larry Hogan.

Alsobrooks’ triumph is particularly noteworthy given the financial disparity in the primary race. Her grassroots campaign prevailed despite Trone’s unprecedented self-funding, highlighting her strong connection with Maryland voters and her effective campaign strategy. As she moves forward, Alsobrooks’ candidacy holds the potential to make history. If successful, she would become the first Black senator from Maryland and only the third Black woman elected to the U.S. Senate.

Her victory speech underscored the significance of maintaining Maryland as a Democratic stronghold. “A lot of people look at our state and say, ‘Oh it’s Maryland — it’s a blue state, we can worry about another race someplace else,’” Alsobrooks remarked. “Yes, Maryland has been a blue state — but it will only stay a blue state if we put in the work.”

The general election stakes are high, with Republicans needing to gain only one or two seats to secure a Senate majority, depending on the presidential election outcome. Hogan’s candidacy has introduced a new level of competition to the race, given his popularity and record of bipartisan governance during his tenure as governor. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has already launched digital ads emphasizing Hogan’s lifelong Republican affiliation, signaling a fierce battle ahead.

Alsobrooks’ campaign resonates deeply with many voters, especially those who see her potential to break barriers in a predominantly male congressional delegation from Maryland. Her campaign platform focuses on job creation, reducing the cost of living, healthcare improvements, and strengthening education.

Born and raised in Prince George’s County, Alsobrooks has a long history of public service. She graduated from Duke University and the University of Maryland School of Law before embarking on a legal career that included roles as a law clerk and assistant state’s attorney. As Prince George’s County State’s Attorney, she was the youngest and first woman to hold the position, where she significantly reduced violent crime and established a unit to address police and official misconduct.

Alsobrooks’ message of overcoming odds and making history has struck a chord with her supporters. “Tonight, we made history — and we did it while overcoming steep odds,” she said. “So for anyone who’s ever felt counted out, overlooked, and underestimated — I hope you share in this moment and know what’s possible.”

As the campaign progresses, Alsobrooks remains focused on uniting Democrats to keep the Senate blue. With a background steeped in public service and a commitment to her community, her candidacy presents a compelling narrative of resilience and dedication.

Angela Alsobrooks Wins Maryland Democratic Senate Nomination