Africans facing racial discrimination from Ukraine

After Russia declared an attack on Ukraine, on the 24th of February both Ukrainians, Africans, and other nationalities living in the country started fleeing to the neighbouring countries for safety. Amidst the war, the racist side of the west is becoming eye-catching. The black and other non- Europeans in the country are facing racial discrimination as many African migrants in Ukraine are being blocked from boarding the trains that are used to transport other immigrants that are white people.

Most Africans have been using social media, especially twitter sharing the stories of their rejection. There are videos all over social media showing the Ukrainian police and security personnel stopping the Africans from entering the train and sending them back to the line.

Another Twitter user Nzekiev said Africans were the last to board any train. He said, “In the train stations here in Kyiv, children first, women second, by Africans. This means that we have waited for many hours for trains here & couldn’t enter because of this. The majority of Africans are still waiting to get to Lviv. There’s also another video of the Ukrainian security agencies threatening to shoot them. The Africans could be heard saying, “We do not have guns,” in the video.

A video that circulated on Social media over the weekend, showed some Nigerian students sharing their unpleasant conditions. Mr. Shehu said there were claims that Polish officials had refused Nigerian nationals’ entry to Poland.” It is important that everyone is treated with dignity and without favour,” he stressed. Many Africans have waited for days; others spend the night in the cold weather waiting for their turn to board a train to Poland.  

It is too sad, in these times of war there should be no room for racism. Alongside Nigeria, other African countries like Ghana and Somalia have also been affected by the racism in Ukraine.  While some governments have been successful in evacuating their citizens from Ukraine, others are yet to settle on a perfect plan to evacuate their citizens.  Indians too are discriminated against, most of the students are stranded at the Ukraine Poland border. Many of the Indian students claimed that they were beaten up, and even had their phones seized from them as they were detained in cold for over 3 days. Poland officials have been denying the cases of discrimination as they said that in their state they have been welcoming everyone despite their nationality.

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