A Black Woman Who Used To Work At Planned Parenthood Is Suing The Organization For Racial Discrimination And Wrongful Termination

A Black former employee of Planned Parenthood is suing the organization for racial discrimination and wrongful termination, alleging a pattern of anti-Black racism and attempts to silence her for raising concerns about the treatment of Black employees, ultimately leading to her firing.

Filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on Wednesday, the lawsuit from Nicole Moore, who worked as Planned Parenthood’s director of multicultural brand engagement from January 2020 to November 2021, describes egregious and specific allegations of mistreatment and racism against Black employees at the nation’s most prominent reproductive rights organization.

The lawsuit also references BuzzFeed News’ 2020 reporting on Black employees’ allegations of racism and hypocrisy at reproductive rights organizations, including, prominently, Planned Parenthood. Leadership at Planned Parenthood reacted poorly to the optics of the backlash and not the content of the articles, Moore alleges, and failed to take substantial action.

“While Planned Parenthood has publicly boasted its commitment to racial equality, the organization — whose tagline is ‘Care. No matter what’ — has blatantly ignored reports by dozens of its Black employees of systemic unequal hiring and promotion, more work for lower pay, overt hostility, and trafficking in stereotypes by leadership,” the lawsuit says. “Instead of addressing the issues, Planned Parenthood has doubled down by punishing employees of color who dare to speak up, pretextually disciplining them and creating working conditions so intolerable that they are effectively forced to leave.”

Susan Manning, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s interim general counsel, told BuzzFeed News that the organization denies Moore’s allegations.

“Our staff is at the core of who we are and we work everyday to ensure a safe and welcoming environment,” Manning said. “We strongly dispute the plaintiff’s allegations against the organization and categorically deny her claims of discrimination. Planned Parenthood will vigorously defend against this suit, and welcomes the opportunity to share the complete picture.”

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