2022 Winter Olympics Highlights: Some Glimpses on Captivating Triumphs

As Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is in full swing, the sequence of victorious smiles and disheartening defeats has already been started. As, from hosts of highly skillful and aspirant athletes and teams, prominent names have already been surfacing, this article is about recapitulating some important victories from this year’s Winter Olympics.

Erin Jackson Won Hearts with Gold

On day 9 of this year’s Winter Olympics, Erin Jackson secured gold in the women’s 500m speed skating event. To win her first-ever medal in Olympic events, Jackson took 37.04, fairly close to Miho Takagi of Japan, who won silver for her strive of 37.12. The bronze medal was departed to the Russian Olympic committee through Angelina Golikova. 

Erin Jackson was the first black woman who enters the US speed skating team in 2018. This accomplishment arrived only after four months of her speed skating career’s beginning. Jackson has been performing as a proficient inline skater since the preliminary stages. But, afterward, she chose to shift to ice floors. This gold in 2022’s Winter Olympics is a monumental achievement for Erin, as she was ranked 24th in PyeongChang’s 500 m skating contest. 

Women’s Monobob and Two more American Victories

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This year’s Winter Olympic is the first event to organize women’s monobob, and USA’s dual victories came again with gold and silver medals. In the event, Kallie Humphries claimed the gold medal with a time of 4:19:27, while Elana Meyers Taylor gained the silver by completing the event within 4:21:03.

Humphries is well-versed with Olympic arenas, as she already won two gold Olympic medals from the two-woman bobsled, playing for Canada. Afterward, she became a naturalized citizen of the United States and now playing from the USA team. Finishing the event within 4:21:03, Christine de Bruin from Canada became the bronze medal winner of the women’s monobob of 2022’s Winter Olympics.

Canadian Team in Shining at the Hockey Arena of Winter Olympic

Canada took the uphill ride without experiencing such challenges in the hockey tournament. The Canadian team became victorious over the USA (4-2) was the only game under 5 goals. Even at the semifinal Sweden, the squad scored 3 goals in the first period and finished the match with a gigantic score of 11-0. Sweden, the nation that won the hockey medal back in 2006 last time, entered the semifinal stage by defeating Denmark by 3-1. A total of 45 saves has arrived from Boman and Emma Soderberg. 

Johannes Thingnes Boe took his skies into the fire, contending his brother Tarjei Boe and French competitor Quentin Fillon Maillet. TJ Boe finished his expedition in style, acquiring the gold medal with a time frame of 24:00.4. Tejari was considerably slower than him (by 38.9 seconds) and received the bronze, his first individual medal in the Olympic area. The name that was positioned between the medal-winning brothers is Quentin Fillon Maillet. He won the silver medal, being 25.5 seconds behind Johannes Thingnes Boe. The sight of Boe brothers standing on biathlon’s Olympic podium, holding their national flag waving, is indeed spine-tingling.

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