Want to get a grip on being gay, then take a deep dive into the gay world in these 10 movies on popular streaming app Tubi TV. In addition, it will move you and give you insight on being gay.

Because some families do not accept their choices of life.

Coming Out-miniseries

A 9-part series about a timid teenage black boy who curiosity about his sexuality finds him discovering that he is gay.As well as dealing with his troubled mother and his disturbed sister.

The District 

A young ‘hood hustler has to fend for himself with his mother in prison. His survival rate has him taking risk in the streets and having DL sex with a drug addict who is gay.

Play the Devil

A young bright school teen follows his desires to act.Acting on curiousity he gets into a sordid relationship with his gay producer and things turn possessive and tragic.


A white collection rep who job keeps him online. He suffers losing his biracial son in a drowning accident, so he becomes distant to his grieving black wife.But finds comfort online by messaging gay black boys from Jamaica. Then he discover that love is a scam.

Gun Hill Road

After spending time in prison, a doting father comes home to his family.And is confused to why his son is distant. As a result, discovers that his son is transitioning to become a woman.


A strange tale of men opting to have homosexual affairs after discovering the boredom of being married.

The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep: Sweet Revenge

A lesbian tale of attempted murder and revenge. 

The Matthew Shepard Story

Based on true story made for TV. Starring award winning actress Stockard Channing. Whose gay college student son was brutally murdered during a hate crime, which gained national attention.


Stars Academy Award winning MoNique as a grieving mother who daughter has gone missing.While her teenage son fights demons and the fact that he is homosexual.


A black gay couple invites a handsome young man home with them and their lives are turned upside down.

These are just a few Independent and made for TV movies that are on Tubi.

Tubi TV is a free movie app that you can download to your device and watch anytime.You can find some old cult classics on the site as well.

Please be advised parental discretion is advised, for younger viewers. Due to the nature of most of the contents in the films.

Courtesy of You Tube Movies & Shows/The Matthew Shepard Story