After A Two Year Hiatus. The Hmong International Freedom Festival Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

The mask mandate has been lifted and this year’s amazing Hmong International Freedom Festival will celebrate its 40th Anniversary.

Special national event!

Festivals are usually events celebrated by a community and centered around certain aspects and cultures. It is a time for rejoicing and coming together to embrace and share stories and experiences.

Therefore, when it comes to those characteristics and exemplifying a level of excellence. There is none greater than the Hmong International Freedom Festival.

After a lengthy two-year setback due to the pandemic, the Hmong International is back.

The mask mandate has been lifted and this year’s amazing Hmong International Freedom Festival will celebrate its 40th Anniversary.

The roller-coaster ride of Covid-19 halted the progression of this exceptional event in 2020 and 2021. The Hmong International Freedom Festival was flourishing in every aspect imaginable previously.

The festival was founded over 40 years ago, which marked the moment of Hmong immigration into the United States.

The Hmong people didn’t have their own country and originally came from China with over 4,000 years of history. The citizens fought for a better life during the treacherous experiences of the Vietnam War.

Therefore, the US became a new home and granted the Hmong people their freedom. 

The festival will feature an incredible soccer tournament, as well as other competitive sports such as Volleyball, Flag Football, Kab Tob, Tuj Lub, and Cornhole

There will be plenty of exciting activities to capture the hearts and minds of the community. You can catch some of the most fantastic vendors; food and goods.

The festival is put on by The United Hmong Family, Inc. which is a non-profit organization. All just to represent the Hmong community and celebrate the roots of this unique culture.

They exist to preserve cultural identity through inter-generational collaboration, involvement of the Hmong clan structure, and youth leadership.

They aspire to create a collaborative future that includes all, regardless of gender, age, race, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.


Many have been vaccinated to ensure the safety of all the volunteers and partners.

And the heads of the festival are adamant about making sure each person attending the festivities have a great time. The festival strives to duplicate those smiles and laughter that were on display before Covid-19 arrived.

This friendly environment has always exhibited a level of professionalism and groundbreaking talent.The festival will be packed with a weekend full of talent.

Set your eyes on the talent as you prepare to be overwhelmed by the unique style of dance from the Hmong traditions.

Minnesota has the 2nd largest population of Hmong people. But the state of California has more.

Hmong International Freedom Festival

Saturday, July 2, and Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

30,000 people expected each day

Location: Como Park, McMurray Fields  

1155 Jessamine Ave W 

St Paul, Minnesota 55117

Hmong Festival

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