Looking for a great cruise? Then you should consider MSC Cruise line for your next travel destination.

  A few weeks ago I was able to get a ride on the Inaugural MSC Seashore cruise line. The cruise was a one day out and back cruise, we did not touch any of the cruise line’s port sites, just sailed out into the water from Miami and returned early the next day.

The ship that I was getting a sneak peak of was the MSC Seashore one of MSC’s newest offerings. The ship was gigantic, and beautiful.

Your vaccination documents will be checked, and rechecked, and checked again. I was irritated after needing to print documents that were pages and pages long, twenty-three pages to be exact with all the details.

That was my ticket to board, and my health form, why this could not be done through an app or through the website, I have no clue. In addition to needing vaccination paperwork, I also needed to have a negative Covid-19 test to board the ship as well.

  MSC also set up certain boarding times for folks instead of having two-thousand people packing onto the boat at the same time. After embarkation, I was floored at all the shiny surfaces, and beautiful craftsman ship of the boat.

Even the elevators had lots of tech, as you touched a pad at the elevator instead of hitting an up or down button, the pad had exact floors on it, and the elevator would talk telling you what elevator car would take you to your floor.

 The tech did not stop there. The rooms were efficient with their use of electricity as you had to put your room key card into a slot in the room to get all the electrical items to work.

My room had a balcony complete with two chairs and a little side table to lay down a drink. I did not get to try any specialty restaurants in my less than 24 hours on the boat.

Photo Courtesy of Rob Warren

But I did try the buffet where servers put things on your plate and fill drinks for you at the fountain drink stations. So, you did not have to worry about folks coughing and sneezing or touching food.

I also had the opportunity to watch one of shows that MSC offers. The show was called “Coast to Coast” which starred a diverse cast of singers and dancers going through a litany of songs, which represented various parts of the country. 

Some of the costumes did not quite match the songs, and the song choices could be tightened up a bit.  But this was an Inaugural cruise.

 I am hoping that after doing that show a few hundred more times they talented cast will be in mid-season form by the time you book your cruise on MSC.

  MSC is a Mediterranean focused cruise line that is trying to break into the American market. The MSC Seashore is spectacular, and the customer service is top notch.

If you are looking to do a cruise, give MSC a look. I’d like to do a full cruise myself to get the entire experience. A knock on MSC Cruises that I have heard was that it was too “international” or that it did not appeal enough to American sensibilities.

I did not get that sense from my time on the boat. So, check out email Malibu Travel Booking at Bookmytrip@MalibuTravelBooking.net for more information on booking a trip with MSC.

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