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The NFL’s return is upon us once again, and it’s that time to start making predictions about how things will play out this year.  After a year of playing in front of empty stadiums, makes it an exciting prospect to have full stadiums once again.  

Now, whether we should have full stadiums right now while the country has surging Coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths is another conversation.  Getting your team close to 100% vaccination and keeping the virus out of your locker room will be important in terms of keeping players available this season.

 All of this will be a major factor as an outbreak could be disastrous and vastly limit rosters on game day.   Another new wrinkle this year, the NFL played 3 pre-season games instead of 4, and there was a bye week between the pre, and regular season.

This new season will now feature 17 games, instead of the long standing 16 games.

Predictions for the 2021/2022 NFL Season:

Division Winners

AFC West – Kansas City Chiefs –  Two words, “Patrick”, “Mahomes.”

Superbowl Champion 2020 Quarterback Kansas City Chief Patrick Mahomes

AFC  East – Buffalo Bills – Expect this division to be competitive, and the Jets to be at the bottom but the Bills should come out on top.

Josh Allen is the quarterback for The Buffalo Bills Photo by Associated Press

AFC South – Tennessee Titans – While, I expect the Titans to come back to the pack a bit this year, their division is so bad that if they can hold off the always banged up Carson Wentz and the Indianapolis Colts they should win the division.

AFC North – Cleveland Browns or Baltimore Ravens – I expect both teams to make the playoffs.  If Baltimore improved their pass catchers on their roster a little more I might have given them the edge, but Cleveland has a stacked roster and a maturing Baker Mayfield who might be ready to really take off as a Franchise QB.  Slight edge to Cleveland, but it’s a 50/50 division. The Steelers will also be right there, and could also win the division depending on the health of Ben Roethlisberger.

NFC East – Washington Football team – Dallas has questions on their offensive line, their defense and on the health of their QB.  Philly is a mess, New York Giants also have questions on their O-line and at QB.  Washington has one of the best coaching staffs, a revamped front office and the best front defensive front 7, along with an improved skill position group.

NFC West – LA Rams – Sean McVay finally has his man a QB that can fully run his offense the way he wants to.  I think that will be the edge to win the division.  Expect the Seahawks to be competitive for the division

NFC North – Green Bay Packers –  Aaron Rodgers, if he is the same A-Rod then the division is Green Bay’s to lose but expect a major challenge from the Chicago Bears, especially if rookie Justin Fields gets in and finds his footing as a rookie.

NFC South – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tom Brady! Enough said.

Super Bowl Champion 2021 Tampa Bay Quarterback Tom Brady Photo by Associated Press

Big Game Prediction – Buffalo Bills to come out of the AFC.   Tampa Bay to come out of the NFC

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