WNBA was created in 1996 to nurture female basketballers. The first game was between Los Angeles Sparks and New York Liberty where the Sparks lost to Liberty. It is a professional league of basketball in the US with initial 8 teams, then 12 teams to the current 14 teams in the 20th century. The most teams that the league has ever accommodated is 18 teams; the first league winners were the Houston Comets Phoenix Mercury Cynthia Cooper in 1997 and by 2015 the champions were Minnesota Lynx Indiana Fever Sylvia Fowles. The main season ranges between May and September with an all-stars game being played midway through the season.

Some factors can be used to determine how WNBA has been evolving over the years; the rebounding measurement, shooting, free throw line, assist rate, and turnover rates. Over the years the turnovers and the rebounds have been declining to close to those of the NBA. Over the years the WNBA players are becoming better and better increasing their shot creation abilities; thus, over the years the WNBA has been moving away from the normal college competition style of basketball to the levels of NBA. The evolution in the style of play to offensive and quality similar has attracted more and more fans to the league since the future of the WNBA depends on gaining more fans or even converting NBA fans.

WNBA has actively engaged in activism activities concerning social issues. For instance, in 2020 WNBA actively amplified the campaigns on Black Lives Matter as they took to the knee, they wore shirts with different patterns of bullets while protesting against the killing of Jacob Blake and taking a stand against Colin Kaepernick. Furthermore, Washington Mystics was the first WNBA team to forfeit their games as a form of taking a stand against racial injustices through the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Later in 2020, WNBA joined the NBA as the second organization to speak boldly against racial injustices through the initiative of canceling all games.

This received a warm appreciation from the NBA supporter and one could note that the WNBA has been using its platform over the years to push for equality in sports and at the societal level. Moreover, the Minnesota Lynx 2016 wore T-shirts that demonized the killings of Philando Castile and Sterling through police brutality.

After the WNBA announcement of the postponed games for the evening, the Washington Mystics in Palmetto, Florida, each wear white T-shirts with seven bullets on the back protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake. Photo: by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Additionally, in 2017 after the passing of the transgender bill that required that transgender people use locker rooms and bathrooms that were consistent with the gender that was registered on their birth certificates Brittney Griner took a stand against the bill. Griner points out that the WNBA has given them a special position to speak out about the social injustices in society. Through the efforts of Clarendon and Griner, the bill was killed effectively by the Texas legislature. Also, Griner pointed out that although the bill was killed, she will still stand up against the bill anytime it is raised; WNBA is all about inclusivity and society should embrace that.

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