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Terrell Owens documented an interaction with the police and his neighbor who called them on him.

The dispute seemingly originated when Owens was driving to his mailbox and she thought he was driving too fast. She can be heard in the video saying that he “harassed” her and “almost hit me” with his car.

“I didn’t almost hit you, now you’re just making up stuff, just like a Karen,” Owens responded.

Terrell Owens’ neighbor called the cops on him amid a heated interaction.
Instagram / Terrell Owens

The two agreed that the woman yelled at Owens to slow down, after which he put his car in park and got out and started yelling back at her.

“But you didn’t have to get out of your f–king car!” she yelled.

“You didn’t have to talk to me like that!” Owens responded.

Another woman, who is off-camera, seemed to come to Owens’ defense. This woman said that Owens did not almost strike the woman who called the police, and that he was not speeding through the neighborhood.

Owens also said that the woman who he was in a dispute with accused him of being behind on various Homeowners Association payments.

Broward County Police told TMZ that no arrests were made in connection with the incident, and that the parties were separated.

The 48-year-old Owens had a 15-year NFL career between 1996 and 2010. He starred with the 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys before concluding his career with one season apiece with the Bills and Bengals.

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