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Bucs vs Saints on Sunday

While the NFL is being spooked into spilling the tea on those emails, we have the dip on Thursday, the Halloween and MNF’s showdowns.

Packers vs Cardinals – A 50/50 game.  Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are playing well outside of the dud they had against the Saints at the start of the year.  But the Cardinals are an undefeated buzz saw. Kyler Murray is a star.  Prediction is it will be a close game and the youngster out duels football A-Rod. Expect Chandler Jones and company to get after Rodgers a bit, and to get him off his spot. Cardinals will win a thriller.

Panthers vs Falcons- Teams possibly going in the opposite directions the Panthers started 3-0, and are now 3-3, and the Falcons surprisingly have 3 wins.   Crossroads game for both teams.  The jig is up on Carolina being fraudulent Falcons get win #4.

Miami – Buffalo Dolphins are 1-6, but Tua has started to play well, though the team doesn’t seem to be very high on him as he has been the subject of trade discussions.  Buffalo is just too good.  Bills win.

49ers vs Bears – Two up and coming QBs of the future getting the nod Trey Lance vs Justin Fields, could this be a glance into the NFL future?  Yes it could.  I think the 49ers have the slightly better roster, but Fields might be the better QB right now over Lance.   Close game.  In a toss up I’ll go with the Bears.

Steelers vs Browns – Big Division rival and tough AFC North match up – Browns have just too much talent on the field and will squeak one out against the The Fighting Mike Tomlins.

Eagles vs Lions – Dan Campbell and his guys bust some kneecaps in this one. Lions get off the schnide win their first ball game.

Titans vs Colts -King Henry is too much for the old Horse shoe helmets.

Bengals vs Jets – These ain’t yo daddies Bengals or maybe they are, Boomer’s 80’s Bengals that made it to a Super Bowl and almost beat Joe Montana.  Ok maybe they aren’t quite that good yet.  But they are good enough to beat the Jets.  So… take them!!!

Rams vs Texans – Sean McVay and his new shiny toy Matt Stafford get the Dub!

Patriots vs Chargers – Justin Herbert will get a puzzle to solve going against Bill Belichick.  That young QB is too good though.  Chargers find a way to squeak it out.

Jaguars vs Seahawks – This could be an opportunity for the Jags to get the Seahawks while they don’t have Ciara’s hubby on the field.  But Geno “No I don’t own a Cheesesteak spot” Smith pulls the guys together and they beat the Nick Saban and company. That USC job sure looks good doesn’t it Nick?

Buccaneers vs Saints – Tom Brady and them will keep the bus rolling.  Bucs win!

Cowboys vs Vikings – Cowboys win in the Sunday night game. 

Giants vs Chiefs – Not sure who thought it would be a good idea to put this on a Monday night.  Schedule Gods please explain??  Andy Reid’s worst nightmare, losing to the stinky Giants at home on national television.  Well folks it is Halloween weekend, but Michael Myers ain’t dead yet, and neither are the Chiefs. Mahomey and Big Andy figure out a way to slide by G-Men.

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