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The Ja Morant penalty for recklessly flashing a weapon has finally come down, after the NBA finals as promised by Commissioner Adam Silver.  Morant, the Grizzlies star guard, will serve a 25 game suspension, which is triple the eight game suspension he served for a similar offense.  

There will be some additional things Morant has to do, in order to complete his penance and be reinstated after his suspension. The full details on the other conditions haven’t been released. Morant is in year two of a 192.2 million dollar 5 year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies.  

In addition to missing 25 games and greatly affecting the Grizzlies ability to position themselves for a higher playoff seed, Morant will forfeit about 10 to 11 million dollars in salary for this season.

Bradley Beal on the trade market.

The Washington Wizards fired their General Manager/Team President and have reconfigured their entire front office after the 2022-2023 season.  That spelled the beginning of the end of the Bradley Beal era in Washington.  Barely a week after their introductory press conference at District E an entertainment complex next to the Capital One Arena where Monumental Sports houses 3 major sports franchises (Wizards, Mystics (WNBA), Capitals (NHL), did the front office announce that it was working on a trade with Bradley Beal’s agent. Beal is the only player in the entire NBA with a no trade clause so the team and Beal would have to agree on his next destination. Rumored destinations have been Boston, Miami, Golden State, and New York. Bradley Beal has been third team all NBA, he’s a 3 time all star, and was second in the league in scoring in the 2020-2021 season to Steph Curry.

Michael Jordan has sold his majority shares of the Charlotte Hornets

Jordan bought his majority share from the founder of BET Bob Johnson for 180 million dollars 13 years ago in 2010.  He’s selling his shares now to Gabe Plotkin and Rich Schnall. With sports franchises valuations sky rocketing recently many owners are deciding to sell. Dan Snyder is in the process of selling the Washington Commanders, the Denver Broncos have just been sold, and a few teams in the National Hockey League have been sold recently as well. Many businessmen across the sports landscape have decided to cash out of their investments. The Hornets/Bobcats have never won a playoff series, and have had very few playoff appearances. Jordan was hugely successful on the court winning 6 championships as a player on the court has not been able to find the same success from the C suite as a “Governor” of an NBA franchise. The league still has to finalize the sale, even afterwards Jordan will maintain a small stake in the team and will still have a role in operating the team. The Hornets will have the second pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. 

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