On December 20, the women’s tennis star and fashion celebrity Serena Williams shared a life hack on her verified TikTok account, that immediately went viral … but for the wrong reasons. Williams, who retired from the court last year after a stellar career spanning three decades, has told the media that she wants to focus more on other aspects of life. “I definitely want to have more kids”, she said in August.

After retirement, she is now making her name on social media, recently killing it in the lifestyle industry with her tips for dealing with dehydration. The brief video in question shows the 41-year-old starting her morning with the comment: “I woke up this morning a little dehydrated, so what do I do?” The solution she went for was filling a small plastic bottle with ice and lemon lime Gatorade, which she said she will sip through the entire day to prevent her lips from drying, perhaps finishing only around half until evening.

Williams clarified that the video in question was not a commercial advertisement for Gatorade, which is not surprising, given the popularity of the brand and its endorsement by multiple other celebrities including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. And while some followers on social media did indeed focus on the drink, it was actually the way Serena forced the bottles out of the pack that attracted the most attention. In fact, she gently took the bottle off the side of the pack rather than going through the usual toil and frustration of gradually removing the plastic from sides.


Woke up feeling dehydrated not an ad just truth @Gatorade #relatable

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