As Super Bowl LVI approaches, we’re taking a look back at some of the highlights from the games over the years! Take a look at some of our favorite Super Bowl moments throughout history.

Whitney Houston Performs the National Anthem (1991)

Meta: Whitney Houston performs the national anthem at Super Bowl XXV.
Source: USA Today

What better way to kick off the list than with what kicks off a game? Whitney’s national anthem in 1991 at Super Bowl XXV was an epic performance given at the peak of her career. 

David Tyree Catches Ball with his Helmet (2008)

Meta: David Tyree’s iconic helmet catch at Super Bowl
Source: USA Today

Dubbed ever since as “The Helmet Catch,” this play is so historical it has its own Wikipedia entry. Tyree caught a pass from Eli Manning in the final two minutes of the game, ending the Patriots’ perfect season and giving us one of the most memorable sports photos of all time.

Michael Jackson’s Half-Time Entrance (1993)

Meta: Michael Jackson performs at Super Bowl XXVII in 1993.
Source: Rolling Stone

Jackson, not one to ever be upstaged, made a dramatic entrance at the half-time show at Super Bowl XXVII. He popped up from a stage in the middle of the field and stood, watching the crowd without saying a word for over a minute. Now, this may not seem like a lot, but 90 seconds of silence is a long time. Nobody knew how to build anticipation like MJ, and many people credit this performance with turning the half-time show into the extravagant event that it is today.

Joe Namath Guarantees Win (1969)

Meta: Joe Namath plays in Super Bowl III at the Orange Bowl in Florida.
Source: Sports Illustrated Vault

There aren’t a whole lot of things in this world that can be guaranteed. Joe knew this, but with some liquid courage, he felt confident enough to publicly guarantee the Jets’ win — three days shy of the big game. The guarantee could have been laughed off as the type of harmless bragging that gets thrown around in the locker room, but Namath backed it up. The Jets won Super Bowl III with a 16 to 7 victory in one of the finest real-life examples of putting your money where your mouth is.

Prince Brings the House Down at Half-Time (2007)

Meta: Prince performs in 2007 at Super Bowl XLI.
Source: CNN

We consider ourselves lucky that Prince was able to bless us with a half-time performance during his time on earth. From start to finish, the show was quintessential Prince: dramatic, emotional, and always with just a touch of attitude. Before he took the stage it began to rain, but instead of backing down when the show’s producer gave him an out, said “can you make it rain harder?” The man and his backup dancers went on to perform a full set in the pouring rain on a very slippery stage — the dancers in stiletto heels, and Prince playing his electric guitar. It was a truly legendary performance, and one that perfectly embodied Prince as an artist.

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