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The hottest shortstop in the league and he is going to the wild card with the surging ST Louis Cardinals

A little tap into the finale of MLB today.

I don’t mean to be singling people out. However, when you have some rising black stars in baseball, you like to brag about them.

Long are gone are the days in St Louis for example, we had Ozzie Smith, Willie McGhee, Vince Coleman and Ray Lankford. Now we are in a new day in age of MLB.

Some of our black players now, tend to be a bit more aggressive, eager and stubborn. There was reports of abusive relationships, drugs and alcohol use amongst the modern black players.

This is the 21st century so we must learn to adjust to them being human yet an integral part of our past time. I know it is hard to start liking a player and then something unexpected cause them to be removed from the team.


One popular rising star on the surging St Louis Cardinals team is Edmundo Sosa. Sosa, is a black Panamanian professional short stop, who has won over the fans at his position.

A few weeks ago as the team were campaigning their way to the last wild card spot, Edmundo was accidently hit by a pitch.

The nervous fans watched as he grabbed his wrist in pain, and I just knew it was the end for his play off gig. However after the conclusive prognosis he was ok and back on the field a few games later.


But, one black player Devin Williams, who won’t finish the season with the Brewers, nor will he help the Central Division Champions in the playoffs. Williams, who is a star black pitcher for the Brewers, hurt his hand after having a few drinks, while celebrating clinching the division in Ohio.

It is a shame this had happened to yet another promising star in black. Hopefully, Devin can learn to control emotions and get back out there on the mound in 2022.

Who will the St Louis Cardinals Play?

The playoffs for the MLB is heating up. And while the Dodgers are fighting to take over sole possession of first place. The San Francisco Giants are holding on to a 1 game lead in the NL Wild Wild West division.

Today will decide whether the Giants will deflect the Dodgers, by beating the plunging San Diego Padres. Or will they both wind up tied and having to face each other in a one day play off.

If the Dodgers prevail, they won’t have to face the surging St Louis Cardinals Wednesday in the Wild Card game. The Cardinals will have to ship off to the San Francisco’s ball park. So expect an exciting race to the Wild Card at the finale of the season this evening.


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