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The NFL season is winding down, and it is getting fun. Teams are clinching playoff spots and others are still fighting for one. There is also a special edition of “Monday Night Football” this week as the MNF game will be played on Saturday. With some good games coming up, here are some picks for Week 17.

Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys (Cowboys -5.5) – The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys are the Saturday game, and it could be a good one. The Lions are 11-4 going into this game, and are on a two-game winning streak (with wins over the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings). The Lions have clinched the NFC North, and did so pretty convincingly. The Dallas Cowboys are on a two-game losing streak (losing to the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins), but have clinched a wild card spot. The Cowboys could look to snap their current losing streak but it could be a good game.

Prediction: The Cowboys get the win

Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans ( Texans -4) -The Tennessee Titans are 5-10 and on a two-game losing streak. They lost to the Houston Texans and the Seattle Seahawks. The Titans were at home when they lost to Houston. This time they will be on the road. The Titans are 1-6 on the road. So, it will be a challenge. The Texans lost their last game (against the Cleveland Browns) but are 5-3 at home. The Texans should get this win

Prediction: The Texans get the win.

Atlanta Falcons vs Chicago Bears (Bears -2.5) – The Atlanta Falcons beat the Indianapolis Colts in their last game. This week they are on the road against the Chicago Bears. The Bears won their last game where they beat the Arizona Cardinals. The Bears are 4-3 at home, and the Falcons are 2-5 on the road. The Bears should do enough to win.

Prediction: The Bears get the win

Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens (Ravens -3.5) -The Miami Dolphins are on a two-game winning streak beating the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys. They have a tough opponent in the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are on a five-game winning streak. Their most recent win was a win over the San Francisco 49ers. The Ravens are on top of the AFC North and have played well all season. This could be a good game but the Ravens might take it.

Prediction: The Ravens get the win.

New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Buccaneers -2.5) – The New Orleans Saints lost their last game (against the Los Angeles Rams), and are on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay  are on a four-game winning streak and are on top of the NFC South. The Saints are 3-5 on the road. Tampa Bay is 4-3 at home. Tampa Bay can get their streak alive.

Prediction: Tampa Bay gets the win.

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills (Bills -14) – The New England Patriots won their last game, improving their record to 4-11. They beat the Denver Broncos in that game. The Patriots are 3-4 on the road (and strangely 1-7 at home). The Buffalo Bills are on a three-game winning streak. They have picked up wins over teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys. The Bills should have no problem getting this win and extending their streak.

Prediction: The Bills get the win.

Arizona Cardinals vs Philadelphia Eagles (Eagles -12) – The Arizona Cardinals are 3-12 this season ana are on a two-game losing streak. The Philadelphia Eagles picked up a win in their last game, which snapped their losing streak. This is a chance for the Eagles to pick up another win. As a team that is 6-1 at home, this game should not be an issue.

Prediction: The Eagles get the win.

Carolina Panthers vs Jacksonville Jaguars (Jaguars -4) – The Carolina Panthers lost their last game. They lost to the Green Bay Packers in a close game. Before that, they won their second game of the season with a win over the Falcons. The Panthers have struggled throughout the season, and as a team that is 0-8 on the road, this could be another loss. The Jacksonville Jaguars are on a four-game losing streak. This home game is an opportunity to snap their streak. They should do just that.

Prediction: The Jaguars get the win.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Indianapolis Colts (Colts -4) -The Las Vegas Raiders are on a two-game winning streak. They have a big win over the Los Angeles Chargers and a good win over the Chiefs. The Raiders are not a strong road team as they are 2-5 on the road. The Indianapolis Colts lost their last game (a loss to the Falcons). This could be a decent game and the Colts may get the win.

Prediction: The Colts win.

Los Angeles Rams vs New York Giants (Rams -6) – The Los Angeles Rams are on a two-game winning streak. They beat the Washington Commanders and the Saints. The New York Giants are 5-10 and on a two-game losing streak. The Rams are doing well, and could pick up a win.

Prediction: The Rams get the win.

San Francisco 49ers vs Washington Commanders (49ers -13.5) – The San Francisco 49ers lost their last game (against the Ravens) but were on a roll before that. This week they have the Commanders (who are on a six-game losing streak). The 49ers should take this game.

Prediction: The 49ers take it

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks (Seahawks -4) – The Pittsburgh Steelers won their last game. They beat the Cincinnati Bengals 34-11. The Steelers are 3-3 on the road. The Seattle Seahawks are on a two-game winning streak and are 5-2 at home. Chances are they will pick up this win at home.

Prediction: The Seahawks take it

Cincinnati Bengals vs Kansas City Chiefs (Chiefs -6.5) – The Cincinnati Bengals lost their last game (against the Steelers). The Kansas City Chiefs lost their last game (to the Raiders) but are on top of the AFC West. The Chiefs are a tough team and should take this win.

Prediction: The Chiefs get the win.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos (Broncos -3.5) – The Los Angeles Chargers are on a three-game losing streak and have a record of 5-10. They are 2-6 in home games and 3-4 in road games. The Broncos are on a two-game losing streak. However, they are a decent team at home (with a record of 4-4). The Broncos have a chance to snap their streak and get a win over the Chargers.

Prediction: The Broncos get the win

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings (Packers +1) – The Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings have identical records. The Packers won their last game, while the Vikings are on a two-game losing streak. This could be a nice, close game and with the Vikings being a better road team than they are a home team, the Packers could take this game.

Prediction: The Packers win.