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Week 14 was exciting and had a few surprises. The New York Jets defeated the Houston Texans 30-6. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Los Angeles Rams but had to do so in OT. The Buffalo Bills beat the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a few games that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Will this week be the same? With that said, let’s take a look at Week 15.

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers (Falcons -3) – The Atlanta Falcons may have lost a close one to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday, but things could go in their favor this week. The Falcons are taking on the Carolina Panthers who are on a six-game losing streak. The Panthers are having a rough season, and while a win here would be a morale booster, the Falcons should come away with the win.

Prediction: The Falcons get the win.

Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns (Browns -3) – The Cleveland Browns returned to FirstEnergy Stadium after two road games. The Browns lost to the Denver Broncos and the Rams on their road trip, but they picked up a nice (home) win over the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday. Joe Flacco had a good showing, and this week, the Browns (officially) signed him to a one-year deal. The Browns are home again for this game, and their opponent picked up a win over the Detroit Lions in their last game. The Chicago Bears are currently 5-8 and on a two-game winning streak. The Browns played well at home, and this week should be no exception.

Prediction: The Browns get the win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers (Packers -3.5) – In a game where both teams are 6-7, things could get interesting. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Falcons in their last game. They beat the Panthers before that. The Green Bay Packers were on a three-game winning streak prior to their loss to the New York Giants last Sunday. This game is a chance for both the Buccaneers and Packers to become a .500 team. It could be a good game but the Packers may take it.

Prediction: The Packers take it.

Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans (Titans -3) – As mentioned, the Texans lost to the Jets in their last game. The Tennessee Titans beat the Miami Dolphins in a close game on Monday, and with C.J. Stroud doubtful (and the Texans going with backup Case Keenum), the Titans should come away with the win.

Prediction: The Titans get the win.

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins (Dolphins -9) – The Jets picked up a nice win over the team mentioned above, and ironically, their opponent this week lost to the other team mentioned above. The Jets took care of business in their win over Houston but with the Dolphins coming off of a loss, the Dolphins will be itching to get back on track.

Prediction: The Dolphins get the win.

Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots (Chiefs -8.5) – The Kansas City Chiefs are on a two-game losing streak, but they are still an impressive 8-4. The New England Patriots are 3-10 and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in their last game. However, Kansas City is ready to snap their streak. This game is the perfect opportunity for the Chiefs to get back on track. And chances are, they will do just that.

Prediction: The Chiefs win

New York Giants vs New Orleans Saints ( Giants +5.5) – The New York Giants are on a three-game winning streak. They also activated Darren Waller off IR. The New Orleans Saints snapped their losing streak with a win over the Panthers. This is a decent matchup and the Giants may come away with this one.

Prediction: The Giants get the win

San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals (49ers -12.5) – The San Francisco 49ers are on a five-game winning streak. They are playing well, and their opponent this week (the Arizona Cardinals) are 3-10 after beating the Steelers. The 49ers should have no problem extending their streak.

Prediction: The 49ers get the win.

Washington Commanders vs the Los Angeles Rams (Rams -6.5) – The Washington Commanders are on a four-game losing streak with their most recent loss coming from the Miami Dolphins on Dec. 3. The Los Angeles Rams put up a fight against the Ravens and while the Ravens got the win, the Rams had an impressive showing. The Rams should be able to get this win.

Prediction: The Rams take it.

Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills (Cowboys +2) – The Dallas Cowboys picked up a big win over the Philadelphia Eagles in their last game. That game marked their fifth straight win, and they face an opponent who picked up a win over the Chiefs. The Buffalo Bills played well against the Chiefs, and there is a good chance they will play well this time around. However, the Cowboys should get the win.

Prediction: The Cowboys win

Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville Jaguars (Ravens -3) – The Ravens beat the Rams in OT in their last game. This gave the Ravens their third straight win. The Jaguars lost to the Ravens’ division rival (the Cleveland Browns) in their last game. Jacksonville is back home for this game but they face a team that is 5-1 on the road. Baltimore should get the win.

Prediction: The Ravens get the win.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks (Eagles -3) – The Eagles lost to the Cowboys in their last game, and now things will get interesting in the NFC East. Both the Eagles and Cowboys are 10-3. The Cowboys are on a winning streak while the Eagles are on a two-game losing streak. This game is an opportunity to snap their streak as they take on the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are on a four-game losing streak, and chances are, this could be their fifth straight loss. But one thing to monitor with the Eagles. Jalen Hurts did not practice with the team due to an illness. However, he is still expected to play. Either way, the Eagles should get the win. 

Prediction: The Eagles win