Albert Pujols was a smiling and blushing champion, along with his teammates in 2011. That was the year the MLB St Louis Cardinals had claimed their 11th World Series prize.

With all the buzz it was such an exhilarating time to be in the city of St Louis. Because during that time the St Louis city was voted best baseball town.

And to the delight of many, Pujols was a shoo in to return back to the glory. Or would he?

Then the unimaginable happened, Pujols rejected a $130+ million dollars re-signing after free agency.And decided to fly to California to play for the Los Angeles A’s for 9+ years; later the Dodgers.

During that season so long ago, it was rumored that his loving wife at the time Diedre Pujols was ready to leave. In addition, she saw the life near Hollywood land more promising than St Louis.

Now, years later he has left California all together, divorcing Diedre and accepted a one year finale with St Louis. There are circumstances surrounding his divorce; could it have been return to St Louis or I leave mentality?

No one will ever know, because Diedre had to have a benign tumor brain surgery, while Pujols joined St Louis in Florida. Moreover, Diedre did pen a heartfelt sentiment to Pujols on Twitter wishing him well.

Some fans wondered was it a peace offering, a sham or just her way of throwing in the towel. Or could it have been her way of telling the fans, she still loved him and there was no hard feelings.

With all of this, Pujols is back where his rookie year sowed the seeds. Now, the fans in St Louis awaits a chance for their “son” to hit 700 big home runs.

Welcome home, Albert Pujols.

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