In the competitive world of boxing, where talent meets entertainment, Misfits Boxing stands as a new force, blending the realms of sports and popular culture. Founded in 2022 by the dynamic collaboration of English YouTuber KSI, renowned singer-songwriter Mams Taylor, and the boxing-savvy Sauerland brothers, Kalle and Nisse, Misfits Boxing is making waves in its second year.  The promotion has already hosted seven events in 2023, building on the success of its Prime Card. 

As Misfits Boxing 11 approaches on the evening of November 17, 2023, the anticipation is electric among fans and enthusiasts alike. Moreover, the Sauerland brothers, born into the boxing world, bring their expertise to the table, complemented by the massive fan base and reach of KSI and the managerial prowess of Mams Taylor. And Misfits Boxing’s strategic partnerships contribute to its ascent. They will be broadcasting live events on DAZN has broadened its global outreach, ensuring that the thrilling matchups reach a diverse audience. Furthermore, the promotional firm has successfully ventured into various realms, with KSI, also the CEO, co-owning ventures like XIX Vodka, Prime Hydration energy drink, and the Sides restaurant chain.  

While KSI, a megastar with over 50 million followers on social media, an unbeaten boxing record, and a chart-topping album, it adds a unique flair to Misfits Boxing. His transition from the ring to the promotional side signifies the birth of a boxing promotion powerhouse.

Moreover, Misfits Boxing made headlines with its debut event, ‘X Series 001,’ featuring KSI in two back-to-back fights that captivated the audience.  As Misfits Boxing continues to evolve, it remains a great innovation in the boxing landscape. 

The fusion of KSI’s entertainment prowess, the Sauerland brothers’ boxing heritage, and Mams Taylor’s strategic vision, positions Misfits Boxing for a promising future. Last, with their exceptional team and commitment to delivering top-tier crossover boxing events. The Misfits Boxing journey is one to watch closely in the unfolding chapters of sports and entertainment history.