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The NBA’s free agency period is underway, and while it started off slow, things are picking up. Moves are being made, and teams are doing what they can to get better. And there have been a few big signings in the process. Here are five of the biggest signings of free agency (so far).

1.) Klay Thompson signs with the Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks reached the NBA Finals this year, but they were defeated by the Boston Celtics. The Mavericks won one game in the series, as they beat the Celtics in Game 4. The Mavericks have an impressive duo in Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. They also have players like Dereck Lively II and Danel Gafford who shine on the defensive end of the floor. However, shooting was an issue for the Mavericks. There are instances where Irving and Doncic are playing well, and the Mavericks have little to no scoring contributions beyond that. There are also times where Donic or Irving have a bad game, and it is up to one of them to carry the scoring load with little to no help. The Mavericks need some extra offense (and shooting) to potentially win a championship. This is where Klay Thompson comes in.

Thompson is known for his shooting ability, and despite injuries and his share of struggles, he can still make an impact. Thompson can be the spark the Mavericks need to get them over the hump. Thompson signed a three-year, $50 million deal with Dallas.

2.) Paul George signs with the Philadelphia 76ers

Paul George is one of the best two-way players in the league. He can score with ease, and he can make an impact on the defensive end. He is a special talent that can be a good second or third option for a contending team. After being a key player for the Los Angeles Clippers for five seasons, George is moving on. He is headed (back) to the East, as he will join the Philadelphia 76ers.

The 76ers are one of the top teams in the East, but they have not made it past the second round in this period. They have a star center in Joel Embiid, and it has been a process (no pun intended) finding the right players to put around him. The Sixers now have Tyrese Maxey and George to pair with Embiid. The addition of George is similar to the Mavericks getting Thompson, as it could be the final piece that gets them over the hump.

3.) Donovan Mitchell signs extension with Cleveland Cavaliers

Months of speculation can be put to rest, as Donovan Mitchell has signed an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There were talks of Mitchell potentially not signing an extension, and the Cavaliers trading him to avoid losing him for nothing. However, Mitchell signed an extension for $150.3 million. It is for three years and includes a player option in 2027-28. The Cavaliers have been quiet in this free agency period, but they secured their best player. Mitchell and the Cavaliers made the second round of the playoffs this season, and in a competitive East, they have work to do to remain one of the conference’s top teams.

4.) Jayson Tatum signs extension with Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are the champions, and Jayson Tatum plays a big role in that. Tatum is one of the league’s youngest stars, and the Celtics want him to stick around. The Celtics signed Tatum to a five-year, $315 million extension. This is a year after Jaylen Brown signed a five-year, $304 million extension, which was the biggest deal in history prior to Tatum’s.

Tatum and the Celtics will look to repeat, and with their core intact, they could become the first team to repeat since the Golden State Warriors.

5.) Chris Paul signs with the San Antonio Spurs

The veteran point guard is headed to a young team, as Chris Paul signed a deal with the San Antonio Spurs. Paul last played for the Golden State Warriors before being waived at the start of free agency. Now, he will play alongside Victor Wembanyama. The Spurs wanted a point guard to pair with Wembanyama, and who better than a veteran guard with a high basketball IQ? This is an opportunity for Wembanyama and the Spurs to learn, and carry that knowledge into their future seasons.

There are a few other names off the board. LeBron James is staying with the Los Angeles Lakers. James Harden will remain with the Los Angeles Clippers. Buddy Hield will be joining the Golden State Warriors. There are also names like DeMar DeRozan still available (as of right now).

The moves that have been made are crucial to each team’s success, and it will be interesting to see how they all play out. 

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