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The NFL action continues with some good games while celebrating the holidays. With that said, here are picks for Sunday and Monday’s Week 16 games.

Washington Commanders vs New York Jets (Jets -3) – The Washington Commanders and New York Jets are both under .500 teams. The Commanders are on a five-game losing streak and the Jets lost their most recent game. The Jets have ruled out Zach Wilson (with a concussion) and will start Trevor Sieman. However, the Jets can still win.

Prediction: The Jets get the win.

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings (Lions -3) – The Detroit Lions are on top of the NFC North and are not looking back. They have a record of 10-4 and after a loss to the Chicago Bears, they bounced back with a big win over the Denver Broncos. The Lions are 5-2 at home and 5-2 on the road. They have what it takes to get this win over a division rival (the Minnesota Vikings) who lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in OT recently.

Prediction: The Lions get the win.

Cleveland Browns vs Houston Texas (Browns -3) – The Cleveland Browns are on a two-game winning streak. Their most recent win was a close win over the Chicago Bears. Both of their wins were home games, and this week they are on the road. It should be noted that the Browns are 2-4 on the road. The Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans in their last game and are 5-2 at home. The Browns may have a tough task ahead of them, but they can extend their streak.

Prediction: The Browns get the win.

Green Bay Packers vs Carolina Panthers (Packers -4) – The Green Bay Packers are on a two-game losing streak after beating the Kansas City Chiefs. This week is a chance to get a win, although their opponent picked up a win in their last game. The Carolina Panthers beat the Atlanta Falcons 9-7. This gave them their second win of the season and put them at 2-12. Despite their win, the Packers should take it.

Prediction: The Packers get the win.

Seattle Seahawks vs Tennessee Titans (Seahawks -3.5) – The Seattle Seahawks picked up a nice win on Monday. They beat the Philadelphia Eagles 20-17. The Seahawks are now 7-7 but they are 2-5 on the road. The Tennessee Titans are at the bottom of the AFC South. They have a record of 5-9, and after a close win over the Miami Dolphins, they lost to the Houston Texans in OT. The Seahawks could look to build off the momentum from their win over the Eagles.

Prediction: The Seahawks get it.

Indianapolis Colts vs Atlanta Falcons (Colts +2.5) – The Indianapolis Colts picked up a nice win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in their last game, and this week they are on the road against the Atlanta Falcons. The Colts are 5-2 on the road. The Falcons are a solid 4-3 at home, and have an overall record of 6-8. They are also on a two-game losing streak. The Colts do well on the road and chances are they beat the Falcons

Prediction: The Colts get the win.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Jaguars -1) – The Jacksonville Jaguars are on a three-game losing streak. They lost to the Baltimore Ravens 30-7 in their last game, and this week, they take on a team on a three-game winning streak. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have beat the Panthers, the Falcons and the Packers. The Jaguars might be on a losing streak, and the Buccaneers are a solid team, but this is an opportunity for the Jaguars to snap their streak.

Prediction: The Jaguars get the win.

Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins (Dolphins -1.5) – The Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins are both 10-4. The Cowboys lost to the Bills in their last game and the Dolphins beat the Jets 30-0 in their last game. This could be a good game with the Dolphins coming away with it.

Prediction: The Dolphins get the win.

Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears (Bears -4) – The Arizona Cardinals are 3-11 this season and in their last game, they lost 45-29 to the 49ers. The Chicago Bears lost to the Browns last week, but it was a close one. The Bears are 3-3 at home, and this could be a chance to get a win.

Prediction: The Bears get the win.

New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos (Broncos -7.5) – The New England Patriots are 3-11 this season. They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in their last game. The Denver Broncos lost big to the Detroit Lions but are 7-7 in the season. The Broncos are at home and should get this game.

Prediction: The Broncos win.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs (Chiefs -10.5) – The Las Vegas Raiders are 6-8 this season. They had a huge win over the Los Angeles Chargers in their last game, as they beat them 63-21. The Kansas City Chiefs picked up a win over the Patriots. The Chiefs could get this win, as the Raiders are 1-5 on the road.

Prediction: The Chiefs get the win.

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles (Eagles -13.5) – The New York Giants are 5-9 and lost their last game. They lost to the New Orleans Saints 24-6. They face a team that is on a losing streak, but has only lost one game at home. This is a good time for the Eagles to get back on track.

Prediction: The Eagles get the win.

Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers (49ers -6) – This is a battle of 11-3 teams. The San Francisco 49ers are on fire. They are on a six-game winning streak. The Baltimore Ravens are on a four-game winning streak. The Ravens are 6-1 in road games and the 49ers are 5-1 at home. This has the makings of a good game that can go to either team. However, San Francisco might take it.

Prediction: The 49ers get it

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and enjoy the games.